Why 6.2.5 needs to be nerfed again and/or reworked

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First of all, some context. I am an endgame player. I've done Lol, Abyss, 100% on 7.1 and 100% on all the variants except Variant 1. I'm a tier 1/2 war player and tend to get 10-12 kills per war at that level in most wars running path 9, usually with no deaths. So I know my way around the game.

I'm looking at finishing off Act 6 100% and had left maybe 4-5 paths each in 6.2.5 and 6.2.6. I went back and did them all in the last week or so. I just finished the last 6.2.5 path now. I didn't spend any units to do it. Just used items I had in my stash, mostly revives from solo events and health potions from the valentines event. And whilst I actually didn't think 6.2.6 was too bad on the whole, 6.2.5 clearly needs a further nerf or rework in my view.

Why? It's not the boss so much. I think that Mordo is still too difficult for 6.2, but there are a few options to one shot him (or at least get him to 1%, die, and let another champ finish him). So I'm not going to grumble about a boss being a bit too hard. The paths, however, are a different matter. Simply put, there are too many fights with horrible node combinations that have no or very few effective counters, especially when combined with the global node and path requirements. To give one example, Magik on the 6* path with stun immunity, 100% energize and brute force is just silly. Falcon is one of very few counters I can think of (she melted my 6* Rulk), and even then you're still dying at the end because of the global even if you can play around brute force while redwing is on cooldown. To have that node combination on a 6* path, when players by definition have far fewer 6* options, is a step too far for me, and there are a lot of defenders and node combinations like that.

I am by no means against hard content, and I entirely appreciate that certain paths in Act 6 will raise an eyebrow with their difficulty given the different direction that Act 7 has gone in. I'm not asking for wholesale changes to Act 6, because they're not needed. But 6.2.5 still gets the balance entirely wrong in my view. Content can and should be difficult but it should also be enjoyable. I feel like a lot of the Act 6 tweaks brought that balance back, but as an endgame player 6.2.5 sticks out to me as content that in many places doesn't give the player a fair shot at getting defenders down in one, and frankly just isn't fun.

So again, this is not a "this content is too hard for me" thread. It wasn't too hard for me. I didn't spend any units to finish it. But nevertheless, I just think 6.2.5 is still bad content as things stand, and needs to be looked at again.
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    I definitely agree with you. Especially the part about difficult content being enjoyable but content like 100% 6.2.5 is just painful. I’m coming from a very different perspective from you, I’m a few quest away from completing act 6 and haven’t explored any of it, but I completely agree with your thoughts on this.
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    I’m in the process on 100% 6.2. I figured I might as well get the overly difficult part out of the way, I’m about 3-5 paths out form 100% 6.2.3. (Or the icarus global). I decided to look ahead at the Mordo quest to see what was in store and uh I’m terrified. The nodes themselves look hard and I didn’t even look at that magik you mentioned. I think the worst part is you got all these nodes and then gotta balance “Do not go gentle” on top of it all. Not saying I’m against “Do not go gentle” I didn’t mind that in 7.1, but yeah I completely agree with ya. 6.2 has been actually somewhat fun but that quest...That ain’t gonna be real fun.
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    Agree here.

    Did my first clear of 6.2.5 about a month ago, took the hela-stun immune colossus path.

    It was fairly easy for me, but the other paths looked really annoying to do. The boss wasn’t that hard, used 2 revives and just quaked him down. Wouldn’t mind some of the paths being tweaked down a little bit (at least remove some of the gates) and for the boss all I would suggest is maybe remove SIN because it’s a terrible node
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    @Crazy_Jamie I've only done an initial path through 6.2.5. So, my initial thought was that you were getting 6.2.5 confused with 6.3.4, because I just finished up 6.3.4 last night. The Magik you used as an example seemed oddly familiar. They practically copied and pasted the Magik between the two paths. Now I'm dreading the time that I try to 100% 6.2.
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    Guys, KT1 made a very in depth video on 6.2.5. If you are struggling maybe watch that
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    6.2.5 is hands down the worst content ever created. It is living hell.
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    I will always argue the issue is with "do not go gentle" itself, and it only needs a few small changes to not be as punishing.

    1. You can't gain charges on heavy attacks
    2. Add negative charges if you do heavies/intercept when you have no charges.
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    HI_guys said:

    IKON said:

    I will always argue the issue is with "do not go gentle" itself, and it only needs a few small changes to not be as punishing.

    1. You can't gain charges on heavy attacks
    2. Add negative charges if you do heavies/intercept when you have no charges.

    You don't gain charges in heavies if you have none in the first place. Else you will.
    Right, so if you use a multihit heavy, you almost never actually remove charges, unless you're right after gaining one. It needlessly punishes champs with 3 hit heavies.
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    Yea 6.2.5 needs to be rebalanced but it doesn't seem like it will. It's now just a reminder of story content pre-roadmaps.
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