Bring back completion rewards

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Bring back completion rewards 76 votes

Yes bring them back
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No the new set up is wonderful
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Dont care
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    No the new set up is wonderful
    the new set up is literally the best of both worlds. you get the same amount of rewards, so there's no disadvantage to anyone. lots of people benefit from this because if they don't have the team to do chapter 3, but they can do chapter 1 and 2, they still get a portion of the rewards rather than getting nothing
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    Yes bring them back
    Lvernon15 said:

    Things just feel so unsatisfactory to do without completion rewards I find

    Kade7175 said:

    cav is a joke i can complete it but there is no big excitement at the end. Its just like oh now i have 30 more path to get anything really good. I miss that feeling of hell yeah nice reward cache for the effort.

    100% agree. I find myself thinking, "I really wish we had completion rewards," at the end of every single monthly EQ since the change. I want that "oomph!" feeling when I complete the content. Don't much care for the whole spread out version.
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    It's amazing how visuals make so much difference when it comes to perceived reward.
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    I think the change helped lower players get some of the rewards without having to fully complete the higher chapters. It's basically the same setup as Act 7.1 where you pick up the rewards as you complete each path (and it's actually a bit more now too overall). This is especially nice for someone who can handle chapter 1-2 and fully explore those, but might not be able to get through chapter 5-6 at all.

    Hasn't impacted people negatively, as far as rewards go. You just don't see a big prize for completion, but the rewards are still there on the paths

    Honestly, everyone doing CAV is shooting for the T5CC anyway and that requires full exploration, so doesn't change much for the big prize either.
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    Dont care
    I don’t mind. I typically explore each month anyway
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    Yes bring them back
    For cavalier I understand it because of the class based nodes. For UC and lower I prefer completion and exploration. I especially hate that master EQ has no completion rewards because I don't typically explore Master anymore. It was nice having to just run through it once to get the stuff I wanted.
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