Help me understand the DDHK overhaul

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I know this has been discussed multiple times but I still cannot get my head around the actual reasoning for this decision by Kabam. They claimed that the regen would be far too strong and 'gamebreaking', but its conditional on having this debuff up and unlocking willpower.

I struggle to understand why Angela (great champ no hate there) can have a permanent regeneration buff that she just sits on for the entire fight thats roughly as strong as willpower, whilst they would spend resources and time on overhauling DDHK only to destroy his viability in such a large chunk of content (and unplayable with suicide masteries). Was the Yellowjacket buff the most amazing buff ever? No,but hes undeniably better than before and usable more widely than before, a success and balanced. Whilst DDHK just...isn't

Its not like kabam don't know how to change a Skill champion's kit effectively, because Moleman Kingin and Falcon exist.

Perhaps Kabams have data say far more people are using him effectively and I just dont know these people. However, why give a champion a complete overhaul and dedicate so much effort to a champion and have the end product so close to being viable...but not be. His only issues are regen rate and the rage not converting into fury, two critical but seemingly simple issues.

If anyone uses this guy (regularly or at all) I would be interested to hear it. Or if theres something I am also missing I would like to be educated on this.


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    I totally agree with you
    Those are the only two things he needs
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    The regen being op is probably the worst argument there is.

    There are champions (mostly older ones) with crazy regen abilities.
    For example: wolverine, oml, omega red, blade, bwcv, x23,ghost rider &more.

    However I noticed kabam is trying to make "balanced champions",so having a lot of average abilities. And this means no crazy regen.
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    So, I’ve got a 5* rank 5 DDHK (Stop laughing. No, I mean it, you at the back - stop laughing!) that I ranked up just because I’d got a ton of ISO expiring and a skill rank up gem. I don’t run Suicides as I’m too busy throwing units away on Cav crystals. As it stands, DDHK has some useful second-place utility, i.e. if you don’t have champion X which provides Y utility then DDHK can try a partial stab at it.

    Leaving all the other issues and concerns over the buff aside, the Regen rate change is one that has caused the most consternation. For me, Rage does little more than offset some of the chip damage from blocking. I’ve only got Willpower at rank 1 but I’ve run the numbers and DDHK gets so little benefit from rank 2 or 3 in Willpower it’s questionable whether it’s worth it if you use DDHK a lot.

    If you are used to Willpower offsetting some of the damage of damaging Debuffs then DDHK will certainly make you a sad panda. Yes, you could look at Coagulate to mitigate some of it etc but the fact remains DDHK will always lag behind all other champs in this regard. At least Kingpin, the only other character with a reduced Regen Rate IIRC, has a chance to get rid of damaging Debuffs. There’s no real way to get around it - if there was, far bigger and more useful brains than mine would have worked it out long ago.

    Characters inflicting Debuffs on themselves is an interesting design space. I can see where Kabam’s hesitation is, but the fact DDHK removes non-damaging debuffs partly addresses that.

    There are options though. One answer maybe is scaling back the durations of self-inflicted Debuffs, so that the Regen Rate can be restored to one that Kabam is happy with. I would also be fine if they changed DDHK so that the Regen Rate drop only applied to Non-Damaging Debuffs. Either would be a fair compromise, I think.

    Hopefully Kabam is still keeping an eye on this - the difference in response to DDHK and Kinpin can’t have gone unnoticed.
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    i just like him. he's one of my favorite Marvel characters and I loved he Netflix series so i ranked him up lol. but seriously he's about managing his two modes and combo meter. he has above average damage that is underrated. never get above 40 on the combo meter is how i play him and continue to drop SP2s .. first i build to SP3 for the Righteous passive and then cycle SP2.

    he can shrug off debuffs in Murdock, he gets stronger if he has debuffs (non damaging) in Sticks .. he's much more useful than people think if they can look past the supposed lack of damage (which he has)
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    HI_guys said:

    Not commenting on the buff as a whole but Angela's regen comes at a lot more caveats that include, unlocking suicides which is is costs much more, recoil damage(can be offset), highly disadvantageous to heal blocks

    all champs suffer from heal block when you have suicides unless you're immune to the debuffs lol
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