Champion Spotlight - Nova (2021 Update)



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       Health  Attack  PI (Max Signature)
     3-Star  6254  458  1991
     4-Star  15660  1148  4988
     5-Star  31398  2301  10640
     6-Star (Rank 3, Level 45)  40458  2965  13680
    Wait so, his 5* prestige is going down but his 6* prestige is staying the same?

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    Guardian is still the Superior one
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    I wish they kept the 5* prestige at 11k, he would probably be like silver surfer in a way
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    Lunae said:

    Update is a bit bitter sweet. Novas grown on me and I admit he's pretty fun to play in the right scenarios and not as hard to play as players make him seem, but outside those prime scenarios he's admittedly frustrating.

    The question then is is he worth mastering? The damage boost is nice, but that just makes him a big beatstick. The more complex the fight, nodes and champion abilites, the more mastery that is required, but what’s the payoff? Even with the prestige bump, as much as I like Nova, I dont know that I’d yeet the resources into taking him to rank 5, max sig, at this stage in the game.

    What I would have liked to see at a minimum was for his synegies to have been incorporated into his kit. Its hard to gauge how powerful he is because I've yet to see a maxed out Nova played properly, but that still doesnt negate the big glaring issue and that is his lack of utiltiy. Of course I could be wrong if the damage boost does turn out to be insane...

    Where exactly is his place in the game and even amongst the other cosmics? Who is suppose to be using him, beginners or end gamers and why? I can only rank him as a novelty champion thats fun to play despite how hard he hits.

    He’s one of the more complex champions to use so the reward should be big damage, the problem is his lack of utiltiy, difficulty in use especially compared to other champions who hit harder for a lot less work and still do more. None of these issues have really been resolved unfortunately.

    I would have rather made him slightly easier to play then to have boosted his damage honestly if his utitly was to be left untouched.

    On a side note not only is his play style demanding, but overall for him to be at his max he needs his signature ability and a decent amount of sigs. If you do rework him in the future please reconsidering redoing his signature ability so that he’s more accessible without needing to make such a big commitment.

    Nova is only fun to play for me if the content isn't difficult and it doesn't call for deep mastery and plotting. Deep Nova mastery isn't worth it. Goldpool runs and Master and below monthlies are where he gets to come off the bench.
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    I got Nova as a 5 star champ back when he was in the featured last year, and I haven’t done much of anything with him since. Personally, I didn’t find him enjoyable to play, and right now I’m unsure if this buff will change that. Sure, his fury buffs are getting about double the potency and 50% increased duration, plus the bonus damage on the sp2, but until I see it in action I’m not convinced this will improve how he plays. I really hope that I’m wrong and this makes him better to play, even though he still doesn’t have a whole lot of utility.

    Utility is the problem, I’d take a champ with Novas current damage, he’s actually got pretty nice damage. But he needed new utility
    I wasn’t really too sure on how much damage he could now right now. I figured that if he was played right with perhaps the right synergies he could get some nice damage, I just personally wasn’t a fan of trying to play him. Or maybe I just wasn’t playing him right. Either way, I wasn’t fond of him and he didn’t have any pieces of utility that I needed/found useful so he’s just been collecting dust, and will probably continue to collect dust. At least there’s some hope for the other two buffs coming this month, hopefully when we get to test them they turn out well.
    I did some RoL fights with him and could get Vision down in 80 hits. He can do nearly 15k damage mediums on crits. He's got sweet damage, so I'm looking forward to seeing how he does with the buff. But regardless of his damage, I know he just doesnt have utility to match.
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    What is this... There is nothing that will make him hard hitter, all of these new updates are just 391×4= 1564 more damage rating when fully ramped up..

    Yeah it looks okay but his maximum damage came from critical hits of both medium attack & sp 2 (sp2 damage is not even close as compare to when medium attacks crit with 4 furry, specially if you traveled some decent distance)..

    If they added something in his kit for some guaranteed crit on medium or sp2...
    like if he has more than 3 or all 4 furies then he will get good critical rating for medium & sp2 or these attack will get 💯% critical chance... I know they consider him as a defender so they can't/won't add good damage in his kit.. BUT A.I can't stack these furry so he could be like all rounder at same time for defense & attack

    I have R5 max sig nova and i use him very often for day to day content (his medium attacks can crit upto 10k with ~3-4k energy damage In perfect scenario and without suicides) and I'm really disappointed

    His sp2 damage update also comes in effect if he has unblockable buff, because he loss all of his furry after that buff so you definitely don't want to use that mechanics as a attacker

    Hardly anyone use him so no one will be bother about the injustice he is going to face (twice)😑
    I'm really eager to be proved wrong but I know this will not happen 😔
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    Big big disappointment. The problem with nova is that he is a mediocre attacker. Where do his abilities help? Nowhere. Where is better than others? Nowhere. Why should I decide to bring him rather than someone else who surely does it better?
    It's a mix of meaningless skills. The problem with him is that his skills aren't useful and his gameplay isn't playable.
    He's just a character for those who are at the beginning
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    I didn’t see this mentioned but is his airwalker synergy still good? Not sure if that was an airwalker synergy or a nova synergy technically. But wanted to check.
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    So I'm not seeing prestige listed. Maybe I'm just overlooking it, but keep seeing people mentioning it.
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    The only thing need to do is just increase his true strike buff duration, Kabam pls considerate it
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    slacker said:

    The only thing need to do is just increase his true strike buff duration, Kabam pls considerate it

    Honestly just this plus vigilance might be sufficient. Make him a counter to evade, autoblock, and miss and you’ve got a decent chunk of utility there, and nothing that makes him overpowered as a defender. And it all fits within a theme for the character.
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    Before the buff he could a maximum of 380% increase to his attack. After the buff he'll be able to increase his attack by just under 450%. That's an increase of give or take 20% which, for comparison, is about equivalent to the increase you get if you take a 6* from r2 to r3. The overall increase in damage output will be noticeable.

    Something else worth pointing out is at max sig, pre-buff, his fury buffs last for 12.6s. Post buff his fury buffs will last for a maximum of 18s. I'm sure any Nova players will tell you that getting to 75 Nova charges is very easy meaning with the Air-Walker synergy he'll be sitting at 450% increased attack for pretty much the whole fight.

    His problem isn't damage, it's that he has 2 pieces of utility which is 2016 level champion.
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    Nova too has more than 2 peices of utility.

    I’ll go through them and say which are actually useful.

    - non contact attacks
    - energy damage

    Yep, energy attacks and non contacts are useful, that’s one of his utilities. He could be used against Korg. But his non contact hits aren’t incredibly useful in content because it’s only medium hits that aren’t contact. So you’d strictly have to use a MM playstyle. That kind of works for nova but it’s only practical in the most basic sort of electro fight. But you’re right, it is usable, and I’ve changed my mind to nova having 3 pieces of utility.

    - access to many unique buffs

    That’s not really a utility. There aren’t any nodes in the game to my knowledge that give any advantage to unique buffs outside of incursions. There may be a vague path or two deep in act 6 or 7 that gives an advantage. But outside of that it’s not a utility whatsoever unless you want to use him for warlock. And on top of that, you can get what, 3 different buffs at a time? So it’s not exactly great. I’d say 1 champion in the is not a utility.

    - safety mechanic when required to intercept

    Very unreliable safety mechanic that has a lot of drawbacks and isn’t useful in a lot of situations. You lose all your damage and charges. I guess once in 50 or so fights you might see it useful. But there’s not much point intercepting with nova, because you don’t travel any distance with him so you get a weak medium attack. Better to parry and dash back.

    - takes -70% reduced damage from guaranteed crits, opponents with true strike and unblockable attacks

    Seems like you’re just listing his abilities. This is not utility, it’s a very much defensive ability. The developers note on this ability even flat out says that
    “ Developer’s Note: Nova’s Passive strengths make him a very resilient Defender. Champions such as Corvus Glaive and Ghost will have a hard time breaking through Nova on Defense.”
    How often do you find yourself hit by a guaranteed crit? Or an opponent with true strike? Unblockable attacks perhaps sometimes, but this is very niche and not useful.

    - passive power gain

    You forgot to mention at the cost of -30% power rate. The passive power gain is to make up for it, not as a utility. That’s like saying dr strange has utility as passive power gain, it’s just the way his kit is put together.

    - able to go unblockable

    At the cost of all his damage and for 3 seconds? Not useful. That’s a consolation if you accidentally push him over 100. Even when you get to max fury you don’t want to go over 100.

    - armor break against tech champs.

    If you want to consider an armour break against about 7 champions who need to be armour broken a utility be my guest. I don’t think it’s very useful.

    - evade counter
    - auto block counter
    - armor and resistance counter

    Thanks to his sig ability his true strike buff can last up to 12.6s and is refreshed whenever you throw your sp1 above 75 nova charges which you want to be doing anyway to stay in the sweet spot of 95 - 60 nova charges.

    Curious why you used 3 points to say true strike? That’s one utility, true strike, and it’s decent enough. But it’s not very long and not reliable enough. Not to mention you have to sacrifice sp2 damage for it, which a lot of people hate doing.

    Nova is not better than Prof X by any stretch of the imagination. That's not what I'm saying. What I am doing is questioning why there is such a big discrepancy, in terms of opinions, between the two champions when they are, utility wise, pretty similar.

    Nova and professor X, are nowhere near each other in utility. Professor X has heaps of useable, useful utility. You have just listed novas abilities I’m afraid. Each of professor X’s abilities I listed out have real useful connotations in a fight, and there’s a reason people use him in war, act 6, act 7, and it’s not just because of his damage but that’s a factor. He counters a hell of a lot of evade, miss, reflected damage which makes him useful.
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    Curious why you used 3 points to say true strike? That’s one utility, true strike, and it’s decent enough. But it’s not very long and not reliable enough. Not to mention you have to sacrifice sp2 damage for it, which a lot of people hate doing.

    You're kidding right? You did the same for Prof x
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    Voltolos said:

    Curious why you used 3 points to say true strike? That’s one utility, true strike, and it’s decent enough. But it’s not very long and not reliable enough. Not to mention you have to sacrifice sp2 damage for it, which a lot of people hate doing.

    You're kidding right? You did the same for Prof x
    His vigilance and evade counter are separate abilities. But fair point. I meant more like true strike is one buff. Vigilance is a passive, and evade is a separate part
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    Of course I pull his 6 star and run through
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