The in game mail app

Ironside47Ironside47 Posts: 283 ★★★
Seriously, why is the in game mail/social app so bad?

I’ve just been attempting to have a conversation with my alliance leader. I write a message, click send, nothing happens. Repeat process. Nothing happens. Restart the app, and there’s my message three times, along with the same message from my alliance leader 5 times. We look like idiots.

It’s 2021 and we’re stuck with a system with all the functionality of a pager. We shouldn’t be having to use third-party solutions.


  • I'm sorry this occurred please take the time to fill out the below template to make sure we have all the information needed to investigate

    Device and Version: (Example, iPhone 7) Be sure to include the make and model of the device you are playing on when experiencing the issue.

    Device Operating System: (Example, iOS 11) You can find out the operating system on an iPhone by going to Settings, then General, and scrolling down to “Version.” You can find the operating system version on Android by going to Apps, then Settings, and “About Device.”

    Mobile Carrier: (Example AT&T) If your device uses cellular data, please include information about your data provider.

    Cellular or WiFi: Does this issue happen when you are using cellular data, WiFi, or both?

    Game Version Installed: To check which version of the game you have installed, go to the App Store or Play Store and confirm that you have the latest version installed which will show you the number. (Example, 17.1.5).

    Screenshot or Video: If you are able to capture a video that helps visually demonstrate the issue you are experiencing, please include it along with your report.
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