Autoplay issues

bdawg923bdawg923 Posts: 498 ★★★
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1) it can't skip dialogue

2) if there's a fork in the road, it should take the first empty path, instead it waits for me to choose. This was announced it would be this way, but the issue is every time I pick a path, autoplay turns off and I have to turn it on again.

3) I have to press next quest after the boss in a given chapter goes down

Kinda defeats the purpose if I have to still interact with the game while running normal and heroic eq
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  • Zan0Zan0 Posts: 1,172 ★★★★
    Just turn on the setting to skip dialogue. Also this auto play is more then enough and a real thing of beauty
  • ChikelChikel Posts: 1,065 ★★★
    Check your settings, you will find the option to skip dialogue there.
    I'm sure the rest of the features will be implemented in due time. Baby steps
  • bdawg923bdawg923 Posts: 498 ★★★
    Skip dialogue doesn't work. I ran normal, skipped manually, then next time did heroic same path, and the same dialogue kept popping up in the same places
  • bdawg923bdawg923 Posts: 498 ★★★
    Does the skip dialogue work across eq difficulties?
  • Kabam BooKabam Boo Posts: 577 ★★★★★
    We're sorry about the confusion. So, here it is. You have to have completed the Quest (each Difficulty) before the Skip Dialogue function will work on it. It does not automatically skip over any new dialogue or dialogue in a Quest that you haven't completed before. Hope this helps!
  • Ironside47Ironside47 Posts: 82
    Crys23 said:

    I want the option to turn off dialogue, forever. In 6 years playing I've never read it. And it's same stuff in every difficulty

    This all day long
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