Should Kabam increase the amount of iso given when duplicating a 5 or 6 star?

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currently, duplicating a 4-6 star all give 24 iso bricks.

Should Kabam increase the amount of iso given when duplicating a 5 or 6 star? 161 votes

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  • GrandOldKaiGrandOldKai Posts: 83
    There is no reason not to.
  • BendyBendy Posts: 1,312 ★★★
    Of course it should every star costs more iso than u get from duping them
  • LordabckLordabck Posts: 164 ★★
    I really can’t upgrade champs due ISO scarcity, even enough 4* shards ate not available for thronebreaker or cav player.
  • JessieSJessieS Posts: 819 ★★★
    I don’t care about iso but they should gives at least 500 6 shards where you dupe a six star
  • Etm34Etm34 Posts: 1,040 ★★★★
    5* is fine. I’d like at least 50% more but I’m not gonna complain. But with the introduction of t6 iso, duping a 6* should be updated to give that instead of t5
  • TrashyPandaTrashyPanda Posts: 636 ★★★
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    Furthermore, max sig crystals need to be a thing. Not something I've experienced 'cuz I'm a peasant, but duping a max sig 6* has got to be one of the worst feelings in the game.
  • PulyamanPulyaman Posts: 1,452 ★★★★
    I am yet to hear a convincing argument as to why you need to change the iso now instead of just giving more iso in eq and side events.
  • SandPounderSandPounder Posts: 158
    How about giving something for duping a maxxed out 6*?

    Nothing angers me more than getting another 6* Omega Red when mine is already sig 200
  • ShadowstrikeShadowstrike Posts: 404 ★★★
    OGAvenger said:

    Dupe 4* - 24 t5 class iso
    Dupe 5* - 36 t5 class iso
    Dupe 6* - 12 t6 class iso

    Just my thoughts

    As an addition I would like to have three stars give 12 tier 3 class ISO.

    Remember this has got to be something that benefits everybody regardless of where you are progression wise
  • ShadowstrikeShadowstrike Posts: 404 ★★★
    Pulyaman said:

    I am yet to hear a convincing argument as to why you need to change the iso now instead of just giving more iso in eq and side events.

    Because the rewards we currently have in place for duping a champion, including the amount of ISO given still operates on the original standard when four stars were the endgame champs.

    After seeing changes in other areas such as the drop rates of crystals as well as changes to the respective stores and what we're getting for our respective currencies, one of the next changes that should be addressed is the reality that 5 and 6 star Champions require considerably more ISO than what we use for four stars and below.

    By making a increase into the amount of ISO given with every 5 & 6 star duplication, this creates a cascading benefit as we're not only ensuring that players can have the ISO necessary to take those Champions up for more difficult content but to also offset the other big issue that people bring up: the gold shortage.

    The idea of an increase would not only allow players to sell their excess ISO to help build up their banks, it also ensures that players always have the ISO so they don't miss out on a level up event and by one change ultimately resolving a series of burdens that has affected both players and the dev team for the past couple years.
  • RDMNRDMN Posts: 261 ★★
    There's a case to be made with leaving 4* and 5* iso the same, but man why in the world does a 6* give the same amount of iso as a 4*? Just taking a 6* to r2 drains a lot of it
  • ItsTheBroskiItsTheBroski Posts: 454 ★★
    There needs to be something more for duping a six star. You literally recieve less rewards for duping a 6 Starr than a 4 star, it makes no sense. The 5* is fine imo like not biggie but the 6* sucks.

  • Carloni84Carloni84 Posts: 115
    They also need to update higher difficulty quest crystals 75 to 525 is insulting.
  • KDoggg2017KDoggg2017 Posts: 748 ★★★
    I do not know how this has not been addressed, honestly.
    We have allowed the Law of Diminishing Returns to apply to duping higher rarity champs for lesser rewards.

    It honestly is Kabam's greatest trick.
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