Iso-8 suggestion at the glory store

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Hello, champions 6 star goes a lot iso-8 and as it is difficult to get enough I suggest that they put iso-8 available for exchange at Glória's store or make a daily event that gives us a decent iso-8.
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  • Killer354Killer354 Posts: 130
    I very much agree with this. Though iso is a easy source to get from 4* dupes a lot of people I know in the mid tier including myself are in constant iso droughts (I'm in one right now). And I need it because im at the point of a pretty big rank up every week. But once that time comes around and I have 3k glory with no iso it just becomes pointless for the time being.
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    A 4* crystal a war would suffice. Probably not gonna happen though.
  • Hey there, thanks for the feedback!
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    Hey there, thanks for the feedback!

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