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Spider-man classic buff idea

Spiderman classic buff

Spider-man is a champion that hits decent on normal attacks and downright nukes his enemy's down with specials. Combine that with some nice utility and you have someone who can take on the battlerealm with ease
Stats based on rank 5 4 star
Prestige 3897-4789
Health 12161- 13161
Attack 1261-1261
Crit rate and attack are the same
Same block proficiency
10% chance to dodge any attack this will not trigger on a well timed block but will during a block. If this triggers spider-man can not get hit for 1.5 seconds afterwards
Basic hits new animation
The first medium is a web zip to the face throwing a powerful punch straight to the noggin
First light is a web shot to the stomach
2nd light upper cut to the jaw
3rd light he kicks his enemy in the head by launching himself with his hands
4th light spider man pulls the enemys legs out from beneath them.
2nd medium spiderman shoots a web at the enemys face and pulls them into his knee
"Spideystrike TM"
When spider-man evades gain a passive Spideystrike buff lasting indefinitely and granting 1400 crit damage on specials up to 10 max
New animation
Just a quick web blast
Consume one Spideystrike charge to inflict a ensnare for 15 seconds. Max debuffs 1
Ensnare prevents evade, unstoppable, and reduces the enemy's ability accuracy by 100%.
While blocking
After blocking for 0.5 seconds gain a evade charge causing spider man to evade the next hit.
Same animations
Remove all Spideystrike charges
Reduce the chance for a ability to trigger by 1000% during this attack
Inflict ensnare for 20 seconds
All hits are unblockable
Spideystrike for each Spideystrike charge this attack gains 15% more crit chance and gives 20% less power and costs 20% less power.
Unlockable and 100% chance to crit if spiderman has dexed within the last 10 seconds
This also can not be evaded or dexed
Spidey strike for each Spidey strike charge gain a prowess granting 20% more special damage.
Inflict a armor break lasting 30 seconds a reducing armor by 2500.
Spidey strike no charges are consumed but the next hit after this gains 20000 more crit damage and has a 100% chance to crit then removes all charges
Awakened ability
100% chance to refresh any debuff every 20 to 10 hits.
Ability accuracy can not be reduced below 30 to 99%


  • kayden5_1kayden5_1 Posts: 4
    I like it. Spiderman, iron man, hulk and thor all need to be buffed. Some big names in marvel universe and terrible champs. When falcon is better we have an issue.
  • Reecespieces101Reecespieces101 Posts: 221
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