When AW rewards get updated can you please....

GreywardenGreywarden Posts: 843 ★★★★
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Also update the war victor and loss crystals lol
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  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 2,082 ★★★★★
    This would be great will it happen.... idk
  • Bugmat78Bugmat78 Posts: 942 ★★★
    I love the tier 3 ISO best myself. Always need ISO!
  • GreywardenGreywarden Posts: 843 ★★★★
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    Sooooo what happened to war crystals which haven't been updated once since they were introduced in the game?
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 6,085 ★★★★★
    Zaynou said:

    War Victory should get a 6* nexus crystal

    Defeat gets 4* Crystal as punishment!

    Everyone agree?

    Sounds like plat 1 vs plat 2 and 3
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 7,285 ★★★★★
    I've never understood including arena boosts. I never even use the low boosts, and what does war have to do with arena? Low potions which use an item and restore almost no health are useless. The only good pulls from victory/defeat crystals are the rare revives and loyalty. I don't expect huge rewards from those crystals, but if they could become a little more useful that would be lovely.
  • PiviotPiviot Posts: 608 ★★
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    Only time I use the 3,4 boosts is during item use

    And I just use them I don’t actually use the toons in arenas

    So it’s the bestest reward Evah
  • Jkw634Jkw634 Posts: 227
    Def. the aw loss crystals give better rewards then the win crystals.
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