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War Machine’s pre-fight bug [Merged Threads]

BladethaKingBladethaKing Posts: 6
edited June 2021 in Bugs and Known Issues
War Machine’s pre-fight as of now is currently bugged as they are not applying to himself. I tested his pre-fight with other tech champs, and they work on them, but not himself.
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  • Sportsfan365Sportsfan365 Posts: 371
    Can confirm, War Machine doesn’t gain any benefit from his pre-fight abilities
  • FrankmcocFrankmcoc Posts: 148
    Can we get an official confirmation on this bug?
  • FrankmcocFrankmcoc Posts: 148

    New champion Spotlight
  • Crisp03Crisp03 Posts: 2
    So no word from Kabam yet? Can they acknowledge the bug at least. I need to know if it’s intended or really a bug before I rank 3 mine.
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    Hey summoners thanks for pointing this out if you could please take the time to complete the Bug report template and post it here so this can be properly investigated, that'd help a lot!
  • BladethaKingBladethaKing Posts: 6
    This also adds confirmation that his pre-fights are bugged on himself as it explicitly states that HE is able to gain an 2 additional charges of his cleanse charges.
  • ScooterPScooterP Posts: 18
    edited June 2021
    I have been using war machine in multiple areas and haven't been able to tell if his pre fights are working properly or not. Has there been any release stating whether they are working as intended?
  • SaiyanSaiyan Posts: 727 ★★★★
    On other champs? 100% works

    On himself? Currently nope but they should.

    I specifically tested the energy resist pre-fight on HB and G2099 in Act 7.2.5 energy absorption shock path and it does make a difference. G2099 will get a cool 3,325 every resist while HB gets a HIGH 4,676.31 with 3 armor ups (Sasquatch gives him the extra one) which is below about 70% (YJ has 4900 which is 70% so I'm using him as the base).

    The other two are simple to test so no need to go into them much.
  • BladethaKingBladethaKing Posts: 6
    @Kabam Valiant
    War Machine’s pre-fight as of now is currently bugged as they are not applying to himself. I tested his pre-fight with other tech champs, and they work on them, but not himself. This bug occurs in any game mode in which you are able to establish his pre-fight ability (EQ, AQ, etc.) It is specifically stated in his champion spotlight that he would be able to apply his pre-fight mechanics on himself and other tech champs. As well as this, one of his synergies also states that HE is able to gain 2 additional cleanse buffs for himself.

  • AGYAATAGYAAT Posts: 210
    edited June 2021
    Device- Asus zb601kl (& anything)
    Operating system- Android 9 (& anything)
    Internet- via cellular & Wi-Fi
    Game mode- everywhere
    Champion effected- War machine (his pre fight abilities)
    Mcoc version- latest (31.1.0)

    Description- War machine can't use his pre fight on/for himself.. as his champion spotlight said that his pre fight can be used by any tech champion and himself...
    But in reality his prefight can be used by any tech champion except himself

    What I want- fix this issue or if he is not supposed to use his pre fight on himself then give a rank down ticket.. I had read his spotlight before his buff came live, that's why when his buff came on live I took mine 6* r1 him to r2 (6* r2)... But after that I saw his prefight is no working as it mentioned in his spot light..

    Please do something asap, I can wait for next update if this buff will be fix but if it will not fix then give me those resources back
  • FrankmcocFrankmcoc Posts: 148
    edited June 2021
    Like mentioned above , they wouldn’t have given him a synergy that lets him get 2 extra cleanse if he can’t even use prefight cleanse on himself. This shows he is supposed to be able to use the preflights
  • AGYAATAGYAAT Posts: 210
    What is this! Why we don't have any explanation/information on this issue??

    If they don't want to fix this even then they should supposed to write something about that..
    Why they aren't bother to say "this issue is currently in investigation" or "this working as intended" and "That spotlight was forge"

    Give rank down tickets (or not) can be further action I think but first we need current information on this issue
  • Pastab0iPastab0i Posts: 1
    So wait how can we be sure that any of his pre-fights are working?
  • Slanderous12Slanderous12 Posts: 21
    It looks like they fixed it.
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