Why can the AI INSTANTLY pop out of stun to Block a Special when I can't??

This has been an issue thats concerned me for a while, but the first time I chose to address it.

I have a very long stun. Maxed Parry and Stupefy. But I have noticed that champs, even WITHOUT the ability to shrug off stun are INSTANTLY popping out of stun to BLOCK a Special. I mean this isnt Agent Venom, its tons of other champs WITHOUT the shrug off ability. If I stun them, then immediately activate a special, they Instantly block it... no matter how long they have been stunned.

Is this right? Because I certainly can't do it.


  • LurkerLurker Posts: 196
    since they "fixed" the gwenpool "exploit" so quickly, they will fix the AI "exploits" us bugs. right?
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