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Accidental Touch Protection for Bundles purchased with in-game currency

Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 901 ★★★
So I recently accidentally bought one of those really bad value Rank Up bundles that pop up occasionally when you open a champion from a crystal... don't worry I've sent a ticket.

But it made me realise sure we have accidental touch protection for bundles purchased with real-world currency, but why does that not exist for stuff purchased with in-game resources? It wouldn't be hard to implement (similar system to confirm start quest for this month's Side Event), wouldn't be too much of a hassle on the player end, and would hopefully lower the amount of 'hey i made a purchase by accident' tickets being sent every day. Seriously if I'm the only one who presses buttons they don't want to, I'll sell all my awakening gems (and boy do i have a lot of them)


  • Maverick75Maverick75 Posts: 307 ★★
    Agreed and it would reduce the number of tickets and messages for the support. First, because there would be less accidents, then because for each one, there are at least 3 messages of the support : first answer to the request with some questions to authenticate the player, then the request to the player to check of the availability of ressources bought by error and then the information that the purchase was cancelled.
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