Yeah, 3 hours down and Kabam couldn't simply post, "The game is down. Sorry for the inconvenience but we are working hard to correct the issue."

Basic common customer service that you'll never receive from Kabam.


  • It hasnt been down the whole time, its let me on a few times but only for a few minutes before it closes again for maintenance. Its ridiculous. Game has gone down four times for me today, each time in the middle of a fight
  • ApacheApache Posts: 558 ★★
    It’s the final countdown
  • I've only had 6 technical issues today. About 27 less than usual.
  • Jwallace25Jwallace25 Posts: 481 ★★★
  • LiquidButtLiquidButt Posts: 135
    Apache wrote: »
    It’s the final countdown

    youre on point with the musical references this morning
  • MuzammMuzamm Posts: 2
    What a pain in the neck...just not good kabam...expect to get good compensation
  • MuzammMuzamm Posts: 2
    I was about to complete the master difficulty in test of valour when this started to happen.
  • CallmelaFleurCallmelaFleur Posts: 216
    When something like this happens all I want them to do is pause the timers. The fact that I'm at 1.92 million for rocket and needed to run a couple more rounds of my roster. My team has three battle groups deep in Alliance Quest, just pause the timers on things like that and these downtimes aren't stressful.
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