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Bug: permanent life steal - ghost rider v blade

tuposacptuposacp Posts: 165
edited November 2017 in Bugs and Known Issues
So here’s what I noticed when I fought blade in boss rush event with a ghost rider. I thought I misunderstood so didn’t post it. You can get permanent life steal.

BUG: gives permanent life steal buff WITHOUT ANY VISIBLE ICON

WHEN: Ok so blade reduces ability accuracy of opponent so some times when you put damnation from ghost rider the secondary effect doesn’t trigger but you still put a damnation. IF you do block breaker and put life steal damnation but you don’t get a visible life steal buff. In that time it actually gives you permanent life steal throughout fight UNTIL you reset damnation and do another block breaker and get a VISIBLE life steal buff.

Possible reason:
The reason could be that without a visible buff the life steal occurs without a timer. And blade does stop buff from activating but doesn’t stop the life steal process in background.


I’ll try to do it again after game comes back up.


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