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Six-stars disappointment, but would have been elated if 5 stars

Only 14 six-stars for me. Have a 5-star skill awakening gem and 150+ 5 star skill sig stones waiting for Aegon. Instead, I rolled him as a six star

I have a mutant awakening gem as well, but only have Omega Red as a six-star champ. Seeing as how I have 14 six-star champs
9 months into this account it will likely take 4-5 years before I dupe one of them.

I could get a six star crystal if I completed abyss - but I would sort of need an awakened Aegon to do that…..

Then of course, if I ever do awaken each. They need high sig to be extra special…

Anyone in a similar situation?


  • Hoodie25Hoodie25 Posts: 307 ★★★
    The thing is, you still have some great pulls that can burn through content right out of the gate: Claire and She-Hulk especially, but also Longshot, Diablo post-buff, Sentinel, and Cable (with Apoc).

    You can ride those champs for now, and as the game progresses it will be easier to obtain the resources needed to bring OR and Ægon up to their full potential.

    I just pulled a 6 star Namor today, and honestly it’s going to be a while before I can do anything with him. But I know he’ll eventually put in a lot of work, I’ve just gotta be patient
  • IcePickIcePick Posts: 185
    Btw - I’m not trying to post a pity post. Truthfully, if in 2 years if I dupe Aegon that will be a nice rank 3 - it’s better than having a 6 star BPCW or Moon Knight because at least it could potentially be awakened one day

    I just mean when you’ve been saving up for a particular 5-atar and you roll a 6 star instead normally you’d be happy….

    You are in the same spot with Namor Hoodie. I can feel your pain. But patience is key I guess. There was a time no one could awaken a five star and similar posts like this were made about them…..
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