Roster potential

marino123marino123 Posts: 395 ★★★
Hey guys, i want to understand how much potential i have in my 5-6 star roster and what all content can i possibly clear with it.

Progression wise, I'm cav, working towards TB.


  • DawsManDawsMan Posts: 1,745 ★★★★
    Solid roster, lots of good champions I think your skill is the limit to this rosters potential.
  • FrostGiantLordFrostGiantLord Posts: 104
    Your roster is pretty good. I would advise you to level up spider ham, venom, guilty 2099 and nova. Awaken nick fury if you can
  • marino123marino123 Posts: 395 ★★★

    My roster has changed a lot since i posted this.

    Please stop reviving old threads.
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