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The character mcoc needs, whether they know it or not

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the forums,

First, to the mods. Please don’t move this post to the graveyard that is the “Suggestions and requests” tab, or at the very least, please wait a few hours before doing so. It took me a couple hours and multiple Dr. Peppers to cobble this together at midnight, and would love if my passion and insomnia were rewarded with at least a few insightful reactions (Have you seen my disagree/agree ratio? I need them.)

Secondly, to the readers. This is a long post. Some would even say this is a post so long that it makes the most glorious bibles of DNA3000 look like a “yea” response from a friend after texting him implicit, detailed instructions. So if you want a TL;DR, just go to the bottom, I put it there. If you read this whole thing, thank you, I’m flattered, but you scare me.

Also, SlayerOfGods stole some of my thunder on Twitter already >:C. It was my idea first :(((.

Over the past couple of days, with the announcement of Spiderman 2099, it has become clear to me and others that the game needs fresh faces. Familiar, yet new and exciting characters that both casual Marvel enjoyers and hardcore maniacs alike can rally behind. To me, it has become clear as to who should be the standard-bearer for a fresh new breed of Mcoc champion, and below you shall find various images of this character attached.

That’s correct, this new character is Kool-Aid Man, and without further ado, I present his “Champion Spotlight”

Kool-Aid Man’s Mechanics

Kool-Aid Man is a damage oriented character who possesses some unique utility from his signature ability. Much like Moleman, Kool-Aid Man has a “damage mode” and a “Utility Mode”, but unlike Moleman, Kool-Aid Man can rapidly swap between the two based off of what he needs, and even carry over his attack boosts from one mode into the other. In his OH YEAH! Mode, Kool-Aid Man gets a multitude of large Fury passives and lands guaranteed critical hits, but staying in this mode for too long causes him to suffer large amounts of self damage due to fatigue, as is reminiscent of Bishop before his buff. Additionally, the Fury passives expire much faster for every one Kool-Aid Man gets, making the big damage a high risk proposition.

Kool-Aid Man

Class: Science

All values are based off a 5/65 5* champion, Sig 200

Prestige: 10690

Health: 36128

Attack: 2481

Crit rating: 17.1%

Crit DMG: 193.8%

Block proficiency: 59.3%


Immunities: Kool-Aid Man is immune to bleed, incinerate and nullify, and suffers 100% reduced damage from coldsnap, making him a very viable option to many tough damage-over-time fights.

Suicide Masteries: Kool-Aid Man was practically built to be used with suicide masteries, with his signature ability providing selective immunity to recoil damage, and if his signature level is high enough, healing from the liquid courage mastery. This is not without risks, as his “Don’t drink the poisoned Kool-Aid” can hamper Thirst management greatly.

Raw Damage: Kool-Aid Man has insanely high burst potential in skilled hands, swapping in between OH YEAH! and resetting his Thirst in order to go again.


Semi-Restrictive playstyle: Kool-Aid Man begins self-destructing if staying in OH YEAH! Mode for too long, and must use a Special Attack 2 or 3 to get out of doing so. If caught in OH YEAH! Mode with low power or an uncooperative AI, Kool-Aid Man can die very quickly.

Armor Break: Kool-Aid Man does not passively generate Thirst while armor broken, making his ramp-up time significantly slower.

Short Fights: Kool-Aid Man is barely worth using in short fights, due to his medium-long ramp-up time and painfully low damage before being ramped.

Signature ability


Kool-Aid Man cannot suffer damage below (Sig 1) 100-500 (Sig 200) while thirst is below 100. If this ability prevents damage, Kool-Aid Man gains 3 Thirst.
Cooldown: .5 seconds.

If Kool-Aid Man is attacking or defending the final node in a quest, these damage values are doubled.

Additionally, while below 100 thirst, Kool-Aid Man takes no damage from the Recoil mastery, and gains 15 Thirst when Recoil would trigger.
Cooldown: 20 seconds

The potency of Kool-Aid Man’s Fury passives is increased by (Sig 1) 10%-30% (Sig 200)

Dev Notes: The sig is geared towards making Kool-Aid Man a powerhouse with suicide masteries and greatly decreasing his ramp-up time at the cost of potentially escalating Thirst too high. Without suicides, at high sig it could also help Kool-Aid Man endure some other “Low” sources of damage such as Bane and Limbo, potentially even making him an alliance war boss option due to his unique ability to tank small sources of DOT.

Always active

Kool-Aid Man’s body lacks blood, providing immunity to bleeding.

The Kool-Aid in Kool-Aid Man’s body quenches thirst on the hottest of days and is best served cold. Kool-Aid Man takes no damage from all forms of incinerate, but when affected by incinerate, Kool-Aid Man generates Thirst at double the usual rate. Kool-Aid Man takes no damage from coldsnap, but when affected by a coldsnap, Kool-Aid Man generates Thirst at half the usual rate.

Kool-Aid Man cannot land critical hits naturally, whenever he would land a critical hit he loses 2 Thirst.
Cooldown: 1.5 seconds.

Kool-Aid Man is immune to Nullify and Stagger while below 100 Thirst. Whenever a Nullify or Stagger effect would trigger on Kool-Aid Man, lose 10 Thirst.

Dev Notes: Kool-Aid Man’s massive furies are slightly offset in this way, by him having no critical hits while below 100 Thirst, while his immunities come at the cost of his Thirst generation being affected in various ways that can either help or harm him.

Don’t drink the Poisoned Kool-Aid!

If Kool-Aid Man is suffering from a poison debuff, he cannot reduce his Thirst except by using his Special Attack 2 or 3.

Dev Notes: Kool-Aid Man is a powerhouse with suicide masteries, but it comes at the price of him having no way to reduce his thirst without specials, making his power bar vs. Thirst bar potentially very difficult to properly manage.

Kool-Aid Man grows more thirsty as the fight goes on, and his thirst has various effects on his stats. Thirst starts at 0 and goes up to 100.

Kool-Aid Man passively gains up to 1860.75 Attack based on Thirst. At 100 Thirst, this is disabled.

Kool-Aid Man passively receives a penalty to his Physical Resistance up to 800 based on Thirst. At 100 Thirst, this is disabled.

Kool-Aid Man gains 10 Thirst every 5 seconds while not at 100. If Kool-Aid Man is affected by an Armor Break debuff, this is disabled.

Upon reaching 100 Thirst, Kool-Aid Man enters OH YEAH! Mode.

Dev Notes: The most important part of Kool-Aid Man’s kit. Managing Thirst vs power will make or break the effectiveness of the character, and how long his bursts of damage can last.


Kool-Aid Man becomes passively unblockable. All of Kool-Aid Man’s attacks become guaranteed Critical Hits. Kool-Aid Man’s Thirst cannot be reduced in any way except for his special attacks.

Whenever Kool-Aid Man finishes a combo with a medium attack or knocks his opponent down, he gains a Fury passive granting 3474.40 Attack and lasting 30 seconds. The duration of Kool-Aid Man’s Fury passives is reduced by 5 seconds for each Fury passive he has, however Fury passives are retained even when exiting OH YEAH! Mode. Fury passives do not scale with any effects except Kool-Aid Man’s base attack and signature ability.

If Kool-Aid Man stays in OH YEAH! Mode for more than 15 seconds, he begins taking damage equal to 2% of his base health and increasing exponentially every second. If Kool-Aid Man is defending, he will be reset to 80 Thirst instead of taking damage.

Dev Notes: The second cornerstone of Kool-Aid Man’s abilities. Kool-Aid Man gets guaranteed critical hits and is fully unblockable during this phase in addition to gaining large Fury passives, but if he stays in this mode too long, or loses his fury passives, he will suffer greatly for it.

On the Pre-fight screen:

Once per quest: On the Pre-fight screen, Kool-Aid Man can consume his prefight charge to begin the fight with 100 Thirst and 1 bar of power.

Dev Notes: Similar to Human Torch, Kool-Aid Man can use this on the hardest fight in a path to gain a big leg up on the opponent, and come flying right out of the gate.

Heavy attacks

While charging his heavy attack, Kool-Aid Man drinks to quench his Thirst. The amount of Thirst lost per second increases the longer the Heavy attack is charged. This effect is disabled during OH YEAH! Mode.

Dev Notes: A simple way to control Thirst levels when you need it. Whether you need Kool-Aid Man’s signature ability to avoid some damage, your power bar is too low to exit OH YEAH! Mode properly, or are almost capped out on Furies, this will help prevent you from reaching 100 Thirst.

4th Light attack

Refreshes all Fury passives on Kool-Aid Man.

Dev Notes: Note that the Fury passives will reset with duration equal to the lowest fury duration, so with lots of Furies, the player will need to perform this action quite often.

Special attack 1

Inflicts a 12 second non-stacking Power Drink debuff on the opponent. While active, 40% of the power the opponent would gain is drained and given directly to Kool-Aid Man.

Whenever Kool-Aid Man gains power from Power Drink, lose 1 Thirst.

Dev Notes: Another built-in way to keep Kool-Aid Man’s Thirst low, and it comes with a small bit of power control.

Special attack 2

Upon activation, gain 100 Thirst if not in OH YEAH! Mode.

If Kool-Aid Man has 2 or fewer Fury passives, this attack only uses one bar of power.

If Kool-Aid Man has 3 or more Fury passives, exit OH YEAH! Mode and reset Thirst to 75 as soon as this attack finishes.

The biggest burst of damage Kool-Aid Man can dish out, this attack deals startlingly high damage, at the cost of a “Soft reset” of Thirst at high amounts of Fury, which could lead to prematurely hitting 100 Thirst.

Special attack 3

Resets Thirst to 0

Gain a 30 second non-stacking Cruelty buff, increasing critical damage rating by 1900. The duration of this buff is paused whenever not in OH YEAH! Mode.

Dev Notes: This is the “Hard reset” for Kool-Aid Man’s Thirst, granting him a large permanent cruelty but also forcing his next ramp-up into OH YEAH! Mode to require a significantly larger amount of time.


No Wall Can Stop Me

With: Rhino, Juggernaut

Kool-Aid Man: Upon entering OH YEAH! Mode, become unstoppable for 4 seconds.

Rhino: The chance to go unblockable during a dash is doubled.

Juggernaut: Whenever unstoppable, become passively indestructible.

Food and Drink

With: Spider-Ham

Kool-Aid Man: Whenever Kool-Aid Man refreshes a Fury passive, gain 10 Thirst.

Spider-Ham: Whenever a Porker Popper is reapplied, gain a 1 second Unblockable buff. This buff is paused during both champions’ special attacks.


With Diablo

Kool-Aid Man: Whenever Kool-Aid Man enters OH YEAH! Mode, he passively regenerates 5% of his max health over 4 seconds.

Diablo:After drinking from his flask, gain immunity to Incinerate and Coldsnap for 10 seconds.

Too Much Power!

With Bishop, Immortal Hulk.

Kool-Aid Man: When Kool-Aid Man’s Pre-fight is active, the window for OH YEAH! Mode to start damaging him is increased to 20 seconds.

Bishop: Max Prowess before Power Overload starts increased to 35.

Immortal Hulk: RAGE stacks last 20% longer.

Glass Half Full

With: Thor (Ragnarok), Hercules, Wolverine

Synergy Members: When above 50% health, gain + 600 Block Proficiency.

Glass Half Empty:

With: Corvus Glaive, Mister Negative, Mojo

Synergy Members: When below 50% health, gain +600 Critical Damage Rating.

Paint the Town Red

With: Red Hulk, Red Skull, Guillotine

Kool-Aid Man: Kool-Aid Man’s Special Attack 2 reduces his thirst to 50 instead of 70.

Red Hulk: Each heat charge provides 2% Crit Rate

Red Skull: Draining the opponent’s power grants a Fury buff, increasing attack by 25% for 12 seconds.

Guillotine: Each Soul grants 4% Combat Power Rate


I made a character concept of Kool-Aid Man, Mcoc needs him asap even if they totally destroy my design, also special thanks to Agent X ZZZ, ElSpud, and Mobile Potato for design insight. Here’s the link, I guarantee he’s at least better designed than the DDHK nerf.

P.S. Don’t you dare send the DNA meme.

If you agree that mcoc needs this character, or liked the design, drop that big fat insightful down below :smile:
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    I didn't know I wanted this until today
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    KISS was in marvel comics back in the 70’s. I’d much prefer them in MCOC. the synergy with the four characters. Plus you could incorporate their powers from the movie.
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