Platinum Challenge?

Hi, I just did the Platinum Challenge, Epic difficulty and one shot The Champion with Massacre. It isn’t looking like it recognized this. Am I missing something I needed to do?



  • MusicfreaksterMusicfreakster Posts: 34
    Sorry, I just realized I did this on legendary difficulty and not Epic. Will try again!
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  • aikidudeaikidude Posts: 6
    hi same problem beating TWICE last boss in epic with VENOMPOOL.

    Device and Version: Huawei P20 Lite

    Device Operating System: Android version 9

    Mobile Carrier: Simpel (Netherlands, Europe)

    Cellular or WiFi: issue happened with both!

    Game Version Installed: 32.0.0

    Game Mode: Event Quest - assault on Olympus EPIC

    Champions Affected: VENOMPOOL 4*

    Active Boosts: no boosts

    Description of the Issue: JUL 2021 platinum challenge - defeat last boss at epic level using one of several options, among which Venompool. Did it twice, with revives. now i give up. kabam is getting lousy
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