6.1.5 Crossbones help



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    Yhtomitos said:

    I have seen someone do it with Dormammu but you have to time the sp1s while having 100 dark energy charges and when its close to the 25% regen and armor

    Don’t revive threads please, this is from December 2020

  • Hello @Thanos1149. You're correct! :) Thank you for pointing out to the fellow summoners about the old-threads-non revival rule that says: "3. Off Topic, Spamming, Bumping, Petitions, Dog-piling or repeatedly posting the same post or topic is not constructive. Neither is re-posting a closed or deleted thread. If a thread is deleted, it is done so because it breaks a forum rule." and can be found here. I'll be closing this thread to prevent further infractions.

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