Kabam when will you guys Honor Chadwick Boseman.

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Kabam it has been 1 year since a great human being that was also an actor passed away suddenly.
When do you think we will we see Kabam honor Chadwick (Black Panther) Boseman?
Please come up with something and don’t forget about this man who was suffering from a horrible disease but made sure during his free time he would visit children who was suffering from the same disease
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    You don’t need anything for his death
    Let Him Rest In Peace.

    It’s was a different situation for Stan Lee though as he created these characters
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    What is wrong with people these days?
    Because he died doesn't mean Kabam has to show us how they honored him.
  • These threads only serve to rile up the community so it is being closed. Pay your respects in your own way, in a way befitting the memory of Chadwick Boseman. These threads are not an appropriate tribute.
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