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We are aware that some alliances encountered a bug during this last AQ that would not allow them to start maps on certain days. We know this has impacted your rewards.
We have been looking into the cause of the problem and once we have resolved it we will explore how to make things right for the impacted alliances. We will provide any additional communication in

this thread.

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October Champ prediction



  • FluffyPigMonsterFluffyPigMonster Posts: 2,069 ★★★★★

    No, it's Knull and another Symbiote-based character.

    Other than Anti-Venom, who are candidates?

    A sym supreme type champ (sym wolverine or an existing character that has a symbiote attached?) - I don’t want this BTW


    Who else?
    It's 99% Anti-Venom as Mr Negative has a synergy with a mystery champ and venom called "healing touch". In the comics, his touch energized remnants of the venom symbiote in Eddie Brock's body and combined it with white blood cells to become anti-venom so it must be him
    Awesome. I’d be all for that
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