How accurate is this tier list (again)



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    Why is yellow jacket that low?! I have him 5 star and he’s great!!!!!
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    NO tier list is accurate. it's just someone's opinion so it would be accurate I suppose only to whomever created it I suppose.

    But tier lists hold no significant marker in which champs are better than which. it's all a spoon.
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    Too many categories.
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    Not accurate at all
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    Wait did I just see Cap WWII a tier above Bishop… I am just gonna call this a troll post and move on with my life because if it isn’t……
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    This is a horrible, horrible tier list
    It's clear that minimumal thought and no research was put into this
    Just a 5-second judgement based on hearsay and other lists and that's it
    You can do better than that, OP
  • It accurately represents your opinion.

    In what order anyone chooses to rank champions means nothing to me, to be honest, and it shouldn't matter to anyone else. *Why* you choose to rank the champions that way means something. Maybe I agree, maybe I disagree, but the why matters. The what doesn't.

    If you or anyone else wants to make a tier list, have fun. It is not my place to dictate what people post. But tier lists should summarize a position, and no one knows what your position is on any of these champs. I personally think it is a mistake for people to jump straight to making tier lists, and not going through the process of discussing and debating the merits of the champions first, before summarizing that discussion with a tier list. I guess because that's the hard part. But it is also the only part that matters.
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    I had a stroke looking at this tier list.
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