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Guillotine's Update is a Miss (here's why)



  • Nix2222Nix2222 Posts: 121 ★★★
    100% agree with what @DNA3000 just laid out. I really wish we could get insight into what the devs were aiming for on this buff.
  • Jefe92Jefe92 Posts: 1
    New guilly buff is a total bomb. Not much improvement at all… bleed damage is t really any better, regen is almost nothing and sp3 is worse.smh
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 13,816 Guardian
    B1_66ER said:

    I really want to rank her up. Is it that bad?

    It honestly depends. If you actually played her post-buff and you like her, rank her up. Ultimately, if you like her, that's all that matters. However, if you *used* to like her and you haven't really tested the buff yet, then the question is: why did you like her? If you liked her for her sustainability, I'd say wait to test first, because in my opinion sustainability is much worse. If you liked her for her bleeds and spectre, those did get better.

    From an objective point of view, her sustainability got worse, and in my opinion when taken as a whole Guillotine ends up at best a tie with her former self and arguably worse in terms of higher game utility. If you're a brand new player pulling her as one of your very first champs, she's arguably better than she was, mostly because of her higher damage. You don't need utility in the early game, and when you have a tiny roster anything that can kill reasonably fast is useful. But beyond a certain point, what you want is champions in your roster that can perform non-overlapping roles. Meaning: they do something useful, and it is something you don't already have tons of champs doing.

    Guillotine 2.0 does not satisfy that requirement, in my opinion. And beyond a certain point in game progress, that's really the overwhelmingly most important thing, at least in terms of performance value. If you like Guillotine because she looks cool or you like large swords, she still satisfies those requirements.
  • TheBroskySlayTheBroskySlay Posts: 21
    My rank 1 6* pre buff finished ROL WS in 50 hits.. now it’s well over 100 hits.

    I even find her base damage harder to access and ramp.. crit less often cause you can’t get as many souls, less Crit bleeds.. inconvenient requirement to heavy soam..

    Extremely disappointing.. I was stoked to use a rank gem and a bunch of expiring iso now I have to find another option
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