Let's talk about the nodes and best counters to them

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You guys can randomly post 1 to 2 champions who counter each node and how they counter it. For example:
All or nothing-BWCV, in curse of plague she steals opponent power via sp2, so you can simply chain on sp2s and opponent won't be able to use specials. Good for variant 4 quest 1 IP.
Caltrops and biohazard-omega, because he literally keeps bleeding and perma Death field active so quick fight finishing
Buffed up-venom, Odin, because they have permanent buffs
Power reserve-prof x, in mind control mode prof x can simply spam sp3 without landing a single hit in between so infinite sp3 spam and you win
Till now I only have a note of these champs and you can post your best counters to each node here


  • PrentexPrentex Posts: 186
    A few examples

    Spiked Armor: Crossbones, Guardian, Namor, Quake
    Aggression: Regeneration: Cap IW with tech synergy, Archangel, Void
    Spite: Vision, Magik, Hawkeye, Sparky
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