Another (?!!!!) Kang bug

Here it seems as if Kang's final phase is bugged and not registering the final phase, seeing how there is still a special attack tracker on the top right. Nothing is dealing damage. I took the far left unlinked path, and the fight before I almost soloed, but since Diablo can't throw 2 sp3s in a fight I couldn't beat Kang's final phase. So then I said screw it and started spamming specials hoping the poisons could take him down. They could not. I'm awfully frustrated since I just died short of a solo due to Diablo's sp3 lock, and then on top of that knowing now that I have to restart the quest, I'm for sure annoyed. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit or any other Kabam person, could one of y'all help me at the very least get my 60% revive, 20% revive, and like 6 lvl 4 + 8 lvl 3 health potions back? It would be great if you guys could look into this bug, too. (Vid and picture below)
I need to take a nap,

(Here you can see Diablo's sp3 doing 0 damage)

(Here you can see how Kang is at the 2% threshold for the final phase, but he has the persistent charge 1, which I think means he is also in the first phase)


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