2* MK offer for Apple users

I'm on Android and I want that 2* MK too! :'(


  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,842 ★★★★
    I use both platforms and never received the offer. Not sure how it was sent out.
  • Acehole77Acehole77 Posts: 14
    Where is that offer ? I want one. :)
  • Goose_81Goose_81 Posts: 107
    Only use Apple and have not seen this offer.
  • Chaos75Chaos75 Posts: 5
    I'm Apple as well - haven't seen the offer
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 3,601 ★★★★
    edited June 2017
  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,448 ★★★★
    I'm on IOS and never received the offer nor did any other member of alliance and most of hem are on IOS
  • The_Savage_AncientThe_Savage_Ancient Posts: 133
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    CoquiFongo wrote: »
    OP is an ani-Apple troll. Disregard this thread. And Android got the 2 star MK not iOS.

    Op you are awarded no Internet Troll Points or ITPs. Please delete your forum account and try again to succeed in your ITP goal.

    Hey, the post was based on few of my fellow ally members receiving the offer on the apple platform, but after checking the link someone shared I rechecked with them and they use Google devices too and had directly jumped to the offer in the units section without reading the in game mail. Unfortunately I'm on android and never received this offer neither did most of us, it must be aimed at a specific subset of people, perhaps by region etc. My post was based on my initial assumption, doesn't mean I'm trolling. Hope that clarifies and thank you.
  • CoquiFongo wrote: »
    So you jumped the gun making wild accusations instead of spending time to investigate? So not a troll just someone who does not do their due diligence to make sure what they are posting is correct.

    Hey we all make mistakes but your vague post about this issue is disctrating and wrong.

    That's what the forum is for, to discuss with other community members and find out. I can't investigate on my own can I? Now stop trolling.
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