7.5 Million Alliance, Tier 2 in AW, Map 5 x 5 in AQ; 3 Spots Open!

Da woo clan is recruiting!!!

About us: We run map 5 all 5 days and run back to back AWs. Currently, we are in Tier 2 AW, we generally stay in tier to and sometimes jump to tier 1. Constantly expert tier alliance in terms of AQ.

Our expectations: Minimum of 4500 prestige. Skilled enough to handle a path alone in AQ Map 5 and Tier 2 AW. Boss killers and Mini Boss killers prefered. Most importantly we except communication on Line group Chat. We are looking for player who intends to stay, is patient and shows respect towards other team mates. We all have life of our own and we understand that comes first hence we do not stress our team mates for anything but we do expect communication.

What's in it for you:

Back to back Tier2 AW means you form your 5 star and 4 star crystals in no time at all. AQ map5 gives you enough cats to upgrade the champs. Above all, we have fun while playing and we expect you do the same.

Interested to join? Contact me in game or on Line

in-game name: Stark_90

Line ID: stark_90

Alliance name: Da Woo Clan

Alliance Tag: WuCru


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