How to defeat Ebony Maw

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What are the best counters, and what's the strategy


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    The_HoTU said:

    What are the best counters, and what's the strategy

    any miss counter and a person who does not gain buffs. that sp1 after having fury is the worst thing about ebony maw on defence
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    Gotta use the best champ in the game to beat the best: ebony maw himself
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    I think you can beat him with any champion
    But some champs are better obviously
    Overall human torch can melt him under 1 min
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    Fenico said:

    reducing his HP to 0 usually works for me

    That’s how I deal with most opponents
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    Bunch of pows, pews, brrs, and need a Ka-Chow to finish him off. Trust.
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    The_HoTU said:

    What are the best counters, and what's the strategy

    Anyone works. Just parry/rep -parry and throw heavies periodically to keep him unfocused, and you will never have to worry about his falter. Also as previously stated anyone who gets furies, cruelties, or precisions, will get degen when he finishes his mission for nullifying one.
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    Professor x. Setalty with slow debuff. Also you can play re parry style to make him charge a heavy attack then hit him with heavy, you need a long streng heavy attack champion like CAIW, BWCV, professor X, etc.
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    Angela can parry him easy. This is an old thread, but this is what came up when I was looking up this info. Please don't get fazed by all the snarky comments. Use Angela, second option CAIW. With CAIW, throw heavy from right distance so you don't get caught, but ebony does.
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    You can't parry Ebony Maw with any champ so you need to have specific champ for that. Beside that i use Spidey 2099 to counter Maw. Just parry and spam heavy.
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