Looking for tips on 5.2.4

I’m looking to start 5.2.4 and was looking to take the path with Yellow Jacket, Classic Deadpool, etc,. Any tips would be helpful and players to use. Should I include Magik 4/40, and OG Vision with the run (I don’t have the classic Vision)? And who might be the best to handle the regen on Red Deadpool with the few practices I’ve done. Thanks!


  • Ethans8279Ethans8279 Posts: 125
    For 5.2.4 you just need some heavy hitters, but I don't know what you got. I assume you can bring the magik for the hulk.
    There are 2 Deadpool in the path you are going to take. Hawkeye is a decent option for him because of the role reversal node, GP as well.
  • Severus35Severus35 Posts: 61
    I find Awakened Thor is pretty usefull for this path. 'Masochism' eats any debuff but has a 7 seconds cooldown.

    When awakened, Thor applies 2 debuffs to the opponent when parrying : Armor break and Stun.
    Armor break is shrugged off immediately but your opponent is stunned. That eases things a lot in my opinion.

    Don't worry about Deadpool's regen, it's not that big of a deal. It makes the fight a tad longer but that's it.

    You'll need a bleed immune to deal with Caltrops against Storm. Vision, Ultron, Iceman are good options.
    Good luck =)
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