Allow gifting badges to be purchased.

For accounts that don’t meet the requirements for the gifting event due to level, story progression, or date creation, why not let them be able to purchase a gifting badge so they can participate in this once a year event?


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    It's not that I don't agree that we shouldn't have a gifting badge available to anybody, it's that if people who don't qualify for the gifting event, get a gifting badge and then start sending gifts to people, at the end of the month there's going to be an unusually long and very unnecessary threat for people who are complaining that they're level 35 and they bought a badge and they were giving gifts and that they're somehow not earning points in a gifting event, that they were not even eligible to participate in, in the first place and they're just going to walk away very confused and angry and blaming the evil overlords of Kabam or some unnecessary BS.
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