Alliance Partnership/Feeder relationship? Current mix of map 5 ready and more casual players.

We're a ~5M alliance about to step up to Map 5 and AQ expert tier as a whole, but have a few alliance mates that are strong players but maybe not as constantly active in terms of using energy, which becomes more important for map 5 (all have extensive experience running and crushing map 4).

Putting feelers out there to see if there are any other alliances in a similar situation that would be interested in setting up a relationship where 1 group runs map 5 and the other is more casual. We've got some great people, and would love to help them find a soft landing while at the same time hopefully replacing with some looking to progress at a quicker rate.

Players could more easily rotate between the two while expecting the same level of organization/competence, and hopefully the partnership makes recruiting seamless (or at least easier) or allows for temporary coverage when needed.

If interested in discussing, please reach out to me on Discord (mosdef1981#) or on Line (mosdef1981)


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