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Back in September, you guys said you figure out the issue with the control, yet the game controls got worse with each update and now the control are at the worst they have ever been! What’s going on? Please give the community an update on what you guys are doing and why are the controls getting worse with each update, when will it get fixed(an estimated time frame), and what you’re going to do about compensation for this long 6 month control issue players have been struggling with. Speaking for myself here, I can nor will attempt Throne breaker do the control issues. It would cost me way to many units, revives and potions. I attempted 6.2.2 and the my controls can not keep up with the AI. I’m sure their are many other to and maybe not.

PLEASE FELLOW COMMUNITY…. Do not down talk others for sharing their opinions on this topic. We want answers! I mean “we” the players who are affected by the control issues. If that’s not you please don’t comment something negative towards others for sharing their feelings on this topic. Thank you everyone!

Let’s get Kabams attention and get ANSWERS!!!!!
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    You may go to bug and known issues section periodically. You may see update like this
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    Yesterday I launched the game to go 2 paths in the SQ. Once parry didn't really work, then it lagged like crazy. It also crashed once and so when I finished, I turned the game off, disappointed. Like pretty much always past months
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    I went in act7 to get some t5cc on completion. Frame dropped, I died. I restarted, parry failed, I died. I restarted, mr ministers sp2 crashed my game. I died. I raged, used 3 revives and 5 pots, reached boss, game lagged, 3 missed parries, electroluke sp1 non dexable. I unfortunately quit as to not waste my resources. This is just 1 quest. I face much more difficulties. My device is better but all those with even low end devices like many of my friends suffer. Would really love game to get the way it was without lags and other issues. Kabam Just Do It ✅
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    For real though, yeah parry and dex has been unreliable lately but they're working on it. I'd rather they take their time than rush out a fix.
  • We've already stated HERE that we're busy working to rebuild our entire control and input system. We're still hoping we can get a final iteration of that system released in the near future but unfortunately, we can't provide an exact date.

    As was mentioned previously, this is an extremely fragile and complex system that touches every aspect of the game. It's not something we are prepared to risk breaking further. It will only be released when we are confident that it is safe to do so.

    If you wish to discuss this topic further, there's already an active thread HERE about it.
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