Any word on compensation for missing a half-day of gameplay?


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    They are closing and removing threads about it. Don't get your hopes up.
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    Plenty of time to close any negativity but they can't make time to address the problem.
  • As MLK correctly pointed out in his famous 'Letter from a Birmingham jail', time itself is neutral. There is a tragic misconception that time itself heals all injury. It does not. I DID get to 7m in the Dr. MooMoo arena and so claimed my goddamn Dr. PooPoo, but at the cost of all the arena boosts I had saved up for the upcoming Hyperion champion and hundreds of units. In addition, my absence from AW/AQ was noticeable and caused my alliance some grievance. Compensation to all android users seems warranted to say the least.
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    Come on people lets all forget about that...Android What? I cant even remember what u guys talking about...That is what the Official statement of kascam will be...
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    Hey OP. This is something that is still being discussed and looked into, but we will definitely make sure to update everyone once we have more information. Thank you so much for your patience!
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