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Using war boosts during war is not giving any points towards solo war rewards. I noticed the item effects themself aren't giving any "buff" or indicated effect ie regen or power. I originally noticed this during some solo questing during last months side quests, and in act 5. I use a boost say special 2 3 boost and when I activate my sp2 or sp3 i end up with 0 power versus gaining any back. What is going on and is there any mention of this bug elsewhere? I'm now shy of my final reward in solo war and also blew a ton of boosts I paid for that didn't do anything...pretty disappointed with the patch update as I still get hit thru block/parry alot and I get hit while dex even if no contact is made (multiple dash backs distance apart) this is some of the things that had me quit in the 14.0 days after a year of 12.0 garbage. Come back to see nothing has changed 🤷‍♂️


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    I noticed earlier that the older/original War Boosts (the 3 different AW only gray color boosts, invulnerability, power boost, and Regen) would NOT give points towards Solo War points event.
    But the newer style AW-only boosts do seem to give points.

    My theory is they are coded different, even though both types have the same War Only icon in corner, is that only the new style ones technically have the wording “War” in the Item's top level description.

    They should fix that, but that seems to at least be the “why” about what's happening.
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    A logical not flaming and more likely right answer. Appreciate you 💯...coming back I'm still kind of new to the small differences etc. Thanks brother!
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    You’re welcome.

    And regarding the “get some Power back after using SP 2/3” boosts. The amount of power recaptured is based on % damage actually done to opponent.
    And so against a high-health strong opponent, compared to your attackers strength, you will actually recoup very little power back.

    They’re basically only useful against lower rated (easier) champs, where you don’t really need to use that boost anyways.
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