Looking for alliance (2 players)

Hi guys, my brother and I are looking for a new alliance, we are active, and ranked 110k, 130k, we're leaving our alliance because we're almost best players there and very little prizes... any help

users (RayyanJO, Rayyan90)


  • BezzitleBezzitle Posts: 275
    How active are you? Msg me in game bezittle
  • active in all wars, all quests, and when required... but i can't find you in search
  • JohnPaulBusuJohnPaulBusu Posts: 82
    Sent you invites, our alliance is Vamp1re Extreme. We are currently rebuilding as we got rid of some slackers and non participators
  • @Krayyan do you have map5 experience? Add me up in LINE, my id is unstookie.
  • grwd0tragn01.jpg
  • Line ID: namor90
  • BK_1BK_1 Posts: 145
    If you grind please hit me up in game or on Line: BAW.KING. 11 mil alliance, AQ 55552, 2 aw per week, tier 3. We hit all milestones in all events (SA rank top 5%) so your roster will grow quickly here. gee3ewct1ie5.png
  • VeeTeeTeeVeeTeeTee Posts: 71
    hey Man, 5mln alliance is looking for 3 guys to join. we do maps 44433 in AQ and will need active players.
    hit me up on line (ID is cptvee) or ingame VeeTeeTee
  • tophertechtophertech Posts: 33
    Hey buddy, if you haven't made up your mind yet we are a 5 mil alliance looking to add a couple of members to our team. You and your brother are welcomed to join us we run AQ map 44332,AW, duels, 3 day completions, item use, and we hit S.A. on a weekly basis hit me up on LINE (ID is tophertech).



  • Patchie93Patchie93 Posts: 1,899 ★★★★
    If your still looking add me in game
    Or on line pthompson93
  • OrozconlecheOrozconleche Posts: 32
    Hey Krayyan,

    I"m looking to recruit people into our family of alliances. In order of rank: TD-30, !TEF!, TD-32, TD-33.
    I began in 32 and have now made myself to TEF. We would like to start you off in TD-32 where you will have the opportunity to find your way around the game better and grow through our family ranks!

    PM me in game or on line @Orozconleche
    Look forward to hearing from you (:
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