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AQ day 4 started before day 3 ended

I've just noticed set up phase for day 4 AQ had already started, but i hadn't received the mail for day 3 results. When I backed out and went back in I was taken to day 3 AQ which still has 45 mins on the clock, and then back out to the BG setup and day 4 timer has already started. I assume this is down to daylight saving, but are we now gonna lose an hour of day 4?


  • Andy3202Andy3202 Posts: 61
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    Day 3 is still live for about 45 mins, while day 4 timer has already started in aq.

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  • Stallion_1914Stallion_1914 Posts: 9
    The Aq timer is off by an hour
  • Wildblue333Wildblue333 Posts: 403 ★★
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    There seems to be a bug in alliance quest current cycle. it is on the 4th day. The third day ended normally but when I try to start the forth day, it refuses to start. Can you help>???
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  • Wildblue333Wildblue333 Posts: 403 ★★
    I've noticed the same problem. Can Kabam help??
  • Drake2078Drake2078 Posts: 873 ★★★

    Guessing that something got messed up with the daylight savings, causing day 3 to end early and day 4 to start early not allowing players to access either days map
  • DontsellthemDontsellthem Posts: 760 ★★★
    Same here. Says 30 mins left but it won’t go into it. Can’t access AQ
  • ShivacruxShivacrux Posts: 365 ★★
    maybe something to do with day light savings
  • HandOfMightHandOfMight Posts: 16
    Day light saving was on the 13th so I doubt it’s that I’ve had this issue since I was finally able to play a round of battlegrounds before it kicked me
  • GoofballanatotGoofballanatot Posts: 111

    Day light saving was on the 13th so I doubt it’s that I’ve had this issue since I was finally able to play a round of battlegrounds before it kicked me

    I understand why you would think it’s Battlegrounds but it is happening to me and I have not joined or played Battlegrounds. It has to do with Daylight savings and Kabam instead of letting AQ play out for the week at the schedule it tried to change it in the middle of the week and caused it to just load. When I try to join it locks the whole app up and I can’t even move from the loading of day 4.
  • GoofballanatotGoofballanatot Posts: 111
    AQ Looks to be working as intended now!!!!
  • HandOfMightHandOfMight Posts: 16
    Problems seems to have been resolved & must have been linked to day light saving which I didn’t think that would be the problem but guess it was
  • Wildblue333Wildblue333 Posts: 403 ★★
    It is up now. Thanks
  • Drake2078Drake2078 Posts: 873 ★★★
    Well I hope that there is some type of compensation. I was not able to finish Day 3
  • Drake2078Drake2078 Posts: 873 ★★★
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    I wasn't able to complete Day 3 AQ, all I had left to do was the boss fight.
    Which I would've easily completed if I was able to access the map.
    I would like some type of compensation for this obvious daylight savings bug.
    I'd be happy with the points and completion items I missed out on.
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  • Crine60Crine60 Posts: 1,316 ★★★★
    Doesn't seem fixed because for me it appears AQ that started today is set to end tomorrow after only 23 hours total and not 24.
  • Crine60Crine60 Posts: 1,316 ★★★★
    AQ timer is ending an hour earlier than it has since the time change for the past couple days. It used to end at 3 pm Eastern time for USA and then after the time change for the past few days it was ending at 4 pm. Now, it appears it started counting down for this day of AQ at 3 pm even though we couldn't start until after 4 pm so tomorrow ends after only 23 hours at the old time of 3 pm again.
  • ChugglesChuggles Posts: 5
    Yeah, I (and multiple people in my alliance) were unable to check if we had fully explored, as a consequence we missed a fight.

    I assume the issue is linked to daylight savings, as it was the hour prior in which we were unable to access AQ, as it said we were on day 4.
  • Shakti4allShakti4all Posts: 120
    Not only we're losing 1 hour on Day 4 - but also my alliance couldn't join AQ to complete map 100%
  • Hey there, the team found the root cause of this issue and is working to implement changes to prevent this from happening again. Things should be running normally again by the time of the next AQ.
  • Crine60Crine60 Posts: 1,316 ★★★★
    AQ has been running for almost an hour but we can't get in. Question is will it allow us in at 4 pm Eastern USA time once we have lost another hour. Can you please inform us of what the actual correct time AQ is supposed to start and stop at going forward since I can't figure it out with the different ways it has worked since the time change.
  • For those who were having issues starting AQ today, you should now be able to start it as normal now if you restart the app.
  • DragonUnleashedDragonUnleashed Posts: 62

    For those who were having issues starting AQ today, you should now be able to start it as normal now if you restart the app.

    Well this wasn't right, we have some people in the ally who join in when AQ starts do their paths and go to bed (we got members over the world)

    or can only do a few moves and when AQ starts.
    The members and BG are perfectly synchronised so we can 100% each AQ..

    Now because of the fact they couldnt join when it started and AQ was buggy, we are behind, and my guess is we probably won't make it 100%

    That throws almost the whole week of AQ out of the window..

    I'd reckon there would be an email with some glory package afterwards?

    I mean, we put a bunch of time in this game and to have an weekly 5-event not run as it should makes the time invested, almost got nothing.

    Or you could say least half the time that energy cost, heck even get rid of it for this one, so every one can complete paths in a run now.

    I know the Battleground Alpha has your priority but the people who put work in the game, playing with Ally mates, are kinda important too, right!?
  • Lestat2499Lestat2499 Posts: 256 ★★★
    Daylight saving. You sent in game message to say it was sorted. But it wasn’t. It was a huge fail.
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