The Valor Event: My Thoughts

So I know this event is not over yet, but I think I have what I need to form my opinion and give a review. TL:DR at the end

For some perspective: I am in a Tier 3 AW/Top 1000 AQ alliance. Rating is about 360k. Coming up on 2 years of playing soon.

So there are 3 things I think I need to cover here:

  1. 1. Valor Rankings
  1. 2. Obtaining Valor
  1. 3. The Valor Store

Valor Rankings

This was ok. It is nice to compete for things sometimes. Only complaint is that it should be ranked rewards as a %. Just like arena.

Obtaining Valor

There are a few ways to obtain Valor. The easiest way is to just to use your energy to complete and explore the 3rd chapter of all difficulties of the event quest. This was easy enough. However I thought it would actually be better to have some more Valor in all of the chapters- that way players will earn some extra resources (like spending that energy for a tier 1 alpha from normal) or may try to pushing through harder content. I personally am in the process of obtaining all the valor from event quest. Other than my suggestion, I don't have complaints about this portion of obtaining valor.

The next way to obtain valor is the arena. I personally love the arena but I unfortunately have little time these days to really grind. I've been back and forth between hitting all the milestones or just barely hitting rank rewards. My biggest complaint here is that it is only in the 4* featured arena. There are a lot of players who can not compete in this arena because of lack of 4 -5*s. There should have been some valor in the other arenas, or at least in the 3* featured arena. Gives everyone a chance to throw their hat in. If there are players who grind that 3* arena.... I think they should get some extra benefits for their time right? \

The solo event was unobtainable everyday. The first few days I tried to hit all the milestones and could not do it through regular play style. Gave up after that because I did not want to go out of my way to incinerate enemies in RTTL chapter 1 with my 3* Rank 1 Level 12 Mephisto. I don't think I was alone on this, so I think the top milestone was a bit too high.

The other way to obtain valor is through the bounty event that appears. This one annoyed me.

*Sees 1 notification in mail*

"Sweet, I am about to get me some rewards for something! "

"Test of Valor Complete"

I just felt the bounty event was just an annoyance between the mail and my alliance mates constantly saying "valor is up", "Need 3 more for bounty", "1 hour until bounty expires!!!!" I know it gave a decent amount of 5* shards if you completed it every time but again, it just felt more annoying than rewarding. On top of that the energy cost hurt. Personally for me I have story quest to do. I usually finish heroic and master mode two to three weeks into the month, and then I use the rest to hit some story quest. This month it has been all over the place. I know some will feel differently about this. It would be cool if there was just a way to get valor or shards from just spending x amount of energy. Triggering this event was terrible. I don't think my alliance ever figured out how to trigger it. People would collect hundreds of thousands of valor and no event would trigger. Really would like to have some clarification or at least a hint on how it was triggered.

The Valor Store

I just posted another thread asking why doesn't Kabam follow theories of supply and demand. It doesn't really make sense to me why Kabam INCREASES costs on items when buying MORE of those items. I know all of this stuff is essentially free for playing the game but still... doesn't make much sense. I also study finance for a living so it grinds my gears a bit. It just feels unrewarding to have earned valor (this also applies to glory) and have more of it taken away.

The resources available to buy were good but some were too expensive in my opinion. I am not entirely sure why there weren't any Tier 1 basic/class and Tier 2 basic catalysts. There are players at lower levels probably earning valor to buy those. The 5* shards were too expensive but I was forced to buy them to get a shot at Stark Spidey (got him!). There are some items that were cheap/valuable like tier 1 alphas and single alliance revives. The single alliance revives are very valuable to me because if I screw up in AQ or AW, I do not have to buy a team potion to move forward. I always felt having to always buy team revives was unfair to the player base, and I will continue to do so until I see single alliance revives in the store permanently. Brian Grant posted a video on the Valor Store, and for the most part I agree with his thoughts on SOME aspects of the valor store. So you can see more there if you want. Finally I did not like there were item caps. 5 item cap on 50% XP boosts... really?

So I'll sum up here.

TL:DR Overall, I think the Valor event was a miss. I think Kabam could have done better to make this event more fun.

Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below. I am probably not going to respond.


  • NinexblueNinexblue Posts: 27
    I think that the valor event is/was great, and can be even better with some adjustments.
    Here is my take. For perspective, Tier 1 AW, top 250 AQ alliance member.

    1. The Bounty missions were nice in that you can do as many or as few as you like. I think an average player could earn between 6,000~10,000 5* shards for doing 2 to 3 of these bounty missions per day. However, the initiator gets 100 bonus shards or zero. That needs to change. Instead of 15 participants, make it 10. Hounding your alliance mates to join up got to be a bit of a chore. Give 10 bonus shards for each participant who joined, rather than all or nothing.
    2. The valor awarded for arena milestones was a plus. It made arena grinding more attractive as we are able to choose our own rewards from the valor store. Keep this.
    3. The valor store was mostly well done. 100,000 for a 50% xp boost was extremely out of touch, but other than that there were some good deals to be had. Each player's needs are of course different, so the more we can choose our reward the better. I really liked the valor store and I hope something similar returns. Perhaps adding a package of t1, t2 catalysts into the store at a fair price point would be helpful in future iterations.

    So, all in all I was very grateful for the event. With a few tweaks, it could be even better.
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