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Paths 2 and 4 of Abyss - viable for Carina Challenges?

LuciusVorenusLuciusVorenus Posts: 39
edited March 26 in General Discussion
I did some months ago path 1, 3 and 5. I was planning to do the other two paths, but seeing the new challenges, I haven't in mind to do more Abyss runs than needed.

All the guides and vídeos I see are for the 'easy' path 1 and/or combinations of 3 and 5. I only have seen some mentions of path 2 for the Green Goblin one... but it's the one that doesn't require finish the path.

Any chance to do any of the 3 challenges by finishing paths 2 and 4 without spending more units that you would do in a separate run?

I have more or less the roster needed for the different possibilities (minus Knull for the symbiote challenge). But for example, I'm not sure if I could do the Massacre of path 4 even with the full mutant team.

Thanks in advance.


  • PikoluPikolu Posts: 801 ★★★
    Your biggest issue with running paths 2 and 4 for carina challenges is the cosmic champions. They are a pain to fight against with the all mutant team which is why it is recommended to do path 5 and switch to 3 where there is only 1 cosmic fight.
  • LorddrewLorddrew Posts: 276 ★★
    I also did 2 paths, would like to do 4 ~ aswell with a mutant team. following this thread let us know how it whent!
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