7.4.6 Kang regenerating

So I feel like an idiot. I just had the 7.4.6 Kang boss regenerate back to 100% health twice in a row! What did I do wrong? Brought Ultron who gets the charges easily and then I brought in Torch to take him down once I had 10 charges. Both times when I went to KO him it went to a SP3 like animation and restarted the whole fight with Kang at 100% health again. I’m pretty much out of units now and feeling burned out and confused.


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    I just went for it haha! I just read about the indestructible ability now. What’s the best way to combat that? Do I have to beat him 4 times? I’m still a bit confused. Watched a couple Youtube vids and it’s just them roasting him in one try with Human Torch.
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    Okay, thanks dude. Back to the battlerealm then haha!
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    What is commendable is that you didn't restarted the quest after he regenerated the first time and did infact went to his 3rd phase.
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    How do you spend units dying in a fight but don’t read the abilities when you are confused
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    How you got that far in act 7 without knowing to read the nodes and abilities is beyond me.

    Punch things with herc fast enough and the nodes don't matter much.
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    Reading is hard
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