Which Science champ to Awaken?

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So, one of my Act 7 rewards was a Science Awakening gem. My current roster is this:

My thoughts are as follows:

1) I only pulled a 5* Void recently so I really never got the chance to play him and he's definitely an interesting champ. I really dislike suicides, so I don't have to worry much about those and I also don't care about prestige. I have 64 generic stones right now to put into him, but I could funnel any new ones to him.

2) I like Shulk's awakened ability, but I don't play her a ton. I really like Spam but his isn't super impactful. I don't love Torch for whatever reason, although he is nice for boss kills and Mystic annoyances (and Battlegrounds, depending on the node), his awakened ability doesn't really come in to play for those instances. I also have a 5/65 awakened 5* Torch and Spam.

3) I like Negative, Fantastic, and Spidey 2099 from what I've seen. That's about it.

4) Here is my biggest dilemma. Herc was a community choice champ and is crazy good. I absolutely love speedsters and think Quicksilver has a lot of potential in-game. His awakened ability may be nothing, or it may be super useful. The drawback is that he won't probably make it to featured crystals or Cavs until like October or something (if anyone has any more specific details on his release date, please let me know). If I decide to wait for him, I may even hoard up all my 6* shards for his featured crystal. I just don't know if I should save such a valuable resource for such a specific champ.


Which Science champ to Awaken? 49 votes

Awaken Void
SnakeEyes69zuffyKennadoKiptonadeAckbar67OpandemonioHector_1475Ryan18thEtjamaDes99booscka2536LegionnaireMaratoxH3t3rTrubluMateSoyheyor123Phillip14233Berlad80casual0Gr8TonyStark 29 votes
Awaken other currently owned champ (Shulk, Spam, etc.)
Archdemon_Denzel116 2 votes
Wait for other champ (Mr Neg, Mr F, etc.)
Moosetiptronicmikeimp123PikoluBen550pFiiNCHDfour24SH1FT3RLorddrewRohitpal 9 votes
Wait specifically for Quicksilver
Thunderstruck77EtherionGodFabwiziHazzalecSparty6TRDSJBHJ12345___Spider_Ham0Aegon87Rumondo 9 votes
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  • KennadoKennado Posts: 955 ★★★
    Awaken Void
    You don't like and/or run recoil masteries so the answer is clear here. Recoil masteries would've made your decision tough.
  • Ryan18thRyan18th Posts: 3
    Awaken Void
    Definitely Void, no question, he’s a beast
  • BuggyDClownBuggyDClown Posts: 1,805 ★★★★★
    Awaken Void
    No suicides and void gets best benefit out your options
    He is beast. He is not that fastest option or champ who can put big yellow numbers. He's little slow but always gets the job done when used in safest way. One of the old champs who aged well. Still a top tier champ
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    Wait specifically for Quicksilver
    Since it looks like you have a pretty well developed roster, You don't immediately need Void awakened to clear some content.
    They way I do Rankups and awakening is based on what I need.
    So for eg I needed a good tech power control Champs so I ranked Vulture because I like him and he fit the role.
    I had other popular options but he did something my current tech roster could not that effectively.
    So wait and watch or if you feel you like void brings something new or cool go for it.
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    Awaken Void
    Like you said, it'll be a very long time before quicksilver becomes readily available. Before he does we'll have spring cleaning, July 4, cyber weekend, maybe gifting, and who knows what crazy content. There's a good chance you'll get another gem before quicksilver is an option
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