Looking to Join Active AQ/AW Alliance/12.3K Prestige

As the title states, looking for an active and well organized alliance to join. Took a break from competitive alliance… and ready to get back into it.

12.3K Prestige with a well rounded roster (attackers and defenders).

I can provide any other details via in-game message.


  • Frenzy45Frenzy45 Posts: 75
    We are gold 3 in AW. We run 654 in AQ and just scored over 270 million last AQ series. Message me in LINE app at frenzy45
  • Avatar56Avatar56 Posts: 41
    P4 Ally running Maps 876 AQ. Avatar567 on line or Avatar56 in game.
  • AsmondenaAsmondena Posts: 76
    We run 766 AQ and gold 2
    Line ID AsmondenaMCOC
  • Blake_ZerkerBlake_Zerker Posts: 130
    Line ID gami3it... Look me up. Got a group ready to tackle P4
  • TrooperJoeTrooperJoe Posts: 235
    Map 6, Gold 1.

    Line: trooperjoe
  • Eva1Eva1 Posts: 136
    We are looking for player with prestige 11,5k+...aq 77777 (epic mods) top 250 aw plat4

    Line id: eva1a
  • P4 map 6 and scoring 480M.
    Alliance tag G2050
    line Superman.ca
    ingame Superman.ca
  • BosamithBosamith Posts: 136
    Aq focused ally looking for a map 7 player. We run 7x5 boss rush BG1 6x5 bg2 and 6/6/5/5/5 bg3 around 460 million ranking about 550. 2 bg optional war. Line ID bosamith1977
  • Nitido77Nitido77 Posts: 25
    Hey bro. We run 2bgs of map8 and 1 of map6 but soon we will be running all 3 bgs of 8. Chill plat4 war. PM me in line if u are interested. Thanks
  • TurboscoutTurboscout Posts: 34
    Hey we run AQ 666 and 3 AW BG. If interested feel free to message me. turbo209 on line.
  • Bear989Bear989 Posts: 14
    HI. If you are still looking we had a last second opening before war season. Currently Gold 1 in AW.

    Contact me if interested
    Line ID: bearclasher
    In game name - bearcat
  • BaraBawa93BaraBawa93 Posts: 65
    Aw 3bgs gold 2...aq 555...line I'd barabawa1

    We have only 1 spot available
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