Is going for a 5* Hela worth it?

There are only a few more hours left to try and get a 5* Hela. Is she still a really good champ to go for after her fury stacks were "fixed"? Anybody have experience using her? Thanks in advance for the help!


  • DoctorJDoctorJ Posts: 842 ★★★
    Her fury was never broken. Her synergy with thor ragnarok was broken, causing her fury to never expire.

    Plenty of video on youtube of her without that synergy so that can give you a fair assessment. She can still do huge damage with a cosmic supremacy team (black bolt multiple and kamala). She doesnt need her dupe imo. Shes strong, but harder to use it appears. Quake/ pheonix type champ.
  • AtlasAtlas Posts: 34
    edited November 2017
    if you are skilled player she is a god(dess) tier.. but only if you are skilled player that can intercept while charging heavy.
  • G0311G0311 Posts: 901 ★★★
    I have her at R3 5* she is definitely for me , learn how to use and Bam amazing damage. Great for long fights
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