Looking for Map 5/6 AQ Gold AW 11.3k Prestiege

Long time player coming back from a break. Have experience up to Map 8 and Plat AW. Looking for a chill alliance to get back into the game. Quake/Ghost/Tigra player. Add me on line!

Line ID: br54927
IGN: nyltiak


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    Toast2321Toast2321 Posts: 30
    I’m looking for preferably a gold alliance and running map 5 or 6 AQ. Sorry for not making that clear. Look forward to meeting you all!
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    Doofy64Doofy64 Posts: 31
    Hey now. We recently reopened our alliance and are looking for map 5/6 members. The plan for wars is 3bgs with g1/p4 ambitions once we're full. We'd be glad to help you get back in the swing of things
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    jayden2017jayden2017 Posts: 16
    Looking for a good player that knows there **** map 5 and 6 gold 2 I’m getting sick of recruiting idiots if your not an idiot hit me up on line app jaymc we can chat
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