Not being a 5* for being old or for being Good ?

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yeah right specially when those 5* are the main marvel's universe charachters and the most famous (Deardevil / thor / wolverine / scarlett which / cap ww2 / black widow / strange/ miss marvel .. electro abomination .. deaadpool...etc )
So as i'am one of the fun of most all the charachters who got removed from 5* crystals i just took time to write this .
a agree that most of these champs will be overpowered in a 5* versions but as the game gets harder and harder ( nodes . bossess...) 6** i think kabam should reconsider this examples .
5* Scarlett which / max sig 200 gives a max of 85% veil of fortunes same as the 4*
5* cap ww2 / max sig 200 gives a max of 85% blockaj perfect
5* black widow / max sig 200 gives a max of 70% + 15% against science ( same 4*)
5* thor ....
it was fun playing them and not being in 5* doesn't make sence thanks


  • Katy_CandyKaty_Candy Posts: 175
    Just a thought. It seems they removed characters that need high sig levels to be really good from the 5 star crystals. SW Wolvie DD etc. Most of the new characters coming out only need to be awakened to be really good. Just a thought.

    Maybe they show back up as 6 stars.
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    @BigBob lmao u kidding me right all champions need higher sig levels to be good very wrong anwer
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    Player1994 wrote: »
    @BigBob lmao u kidding me right all champions need higher sig levels to be good very wrong anwer

    Not all champs rouge cap ww2 hype magik are a few off the top of my head that don’t need high sig to be considered good all cap really needs is to be awakened and he is pretty good I am curious tho as to why they won’t add those 5 stars maby they intend to have an challenge with those champs in the crystal as a reward
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    @Player1994 Angela's sig is useless, high or not, so not all champions need a high sig to be good
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    @Mosephus @Sirnoob right but even if they need high sigs we wan't them anyway
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