Day of the Deadpool [Master Thread]



  • Masaraksh1Masaraksh1 Posts: 56
    I really hope that kabam will change their mind and please the players who love them and still play their game. Giving people a nexus 6* offer for gold or something like that will not be difficult and will not change the balance of the game.
  • ManbatnManbatn Posts: 43

    it will probably get deleted or merged cause its redundant.
    too many posts on this already a huge merged post on the first page so why make a new one?

    Did you think someone will respond to you here seperately when they didnt till now on the big post?

    I think if enough people constantly post the same thing over again they will get tired of it and maue. Respond. I mean we could take your approach wait and do nothing I know that will help for sure
  • BKSwisherSweetBKSwisherSweet Posts: 119
    What would be nice, would be, going ahead and doing the gold event after getting the rewards (the gold) from the Oversaturated Market event, that way anyone that's low on gold might actually have some for the gold event.
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,443 ★★★★★
    DrZola said:

    DrZola said:

    Pasting this here since it got mothballed back to “Suggestions.” Any cuteness intended with the Kabam Thrillson comment seems much less humorous now.

    Maybe something interesting pops up later today, but if this is it, then no.

    Dr. Zola

    Its like they thought that the cute warning wasnt going to blow up on them because they phrased it funny. Its a layup kind of event for universal praise and instead they just aggravated every single player. Even if you are willing to spend, its way better when you dont have to and can use gold instead.
    One other observation: the solo event (which I would recommend grabbing exactly “1” point in for a million gold) relies on Duels, Arena and AQ with Pool champions.

    Not normal questing, which could be a way to utilize extra energy and generate points for a shot at getting a little better rewards.

    What I wonder is what kind of accounts will be at the top of the leaderboard for the solo event…

    Dr. Zola
    I didn't even realize that normal questing didn't count. I play AQ map 8. Not going to use any of my Pools there lol.
  • Corby11Corby11 Posts: 158
    You can’t really get much from grinding in arenas this days other than gold as the scores for decent rewards are so high so the gold event last year was a nice way to get some return for the time spent. Pity it wasn’t repeated.

    We have a loyalty store, glory store, incursions and battlegrounds stores all areas where you can spend the resources you have farmed in game, why do we not have a permanent one for gold if you don’t want to put on one as an annual event for the players?

    Just a thought
  • CoppinCoppin Posts: 2,081 ★★★★
    I don't know why some people are expecting answers... U guys think this was a bug or an accident?.. Don't u guys think they already expected all this complaints while they were planning it?...This year they have monetized every possible aspect...matter of fact.. if the Cyber Monday Unit deals dissapeared it wouldn't be surprising at all...
  • TribalChiefTribalChief Posts: 16
    One good thing and u removed that too kabam.
    Really frustrating
  • KeonexKeonex Posts: 152 ★★
    No gold offers? So inflation really hurting Kabam it seems.

    I was looking fwd to spend some gold.
  • CoppinCoppin Posts: 2,081 ★★★★

    What's the point on giving us these over-priced 6-star offers, when 7-star's are coming soon?

    What's the point of buying a 2022 Honda Civic if next year there will be a 2023 version...
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 33,097 ★★★★★
    They're not even going to reach our hands for at least 6 months or more.
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