TGCI 8m+ alliance recruiting 1 replacement member for AQ 5x5

We run map 5x5 and are looking to replace 1 member who is retiring.

We run AQ map 5x5
Donations for that are 135k gold, 30k BC and 12.5k loyalty per week.
We run AW when it’s on and aim to maintain 100% diversity in defence. Currently tier 7 but we were previous in the 2-4 tier range before we got **** with the AW changes but are sorting that out
Completion requirement of 15k
Duel skirmish 650

Potential members should be in a position to handle themselves on map 5 of AQ and should really have a minimum of 3 5/50s

Contact Ryleh on line if interested


  • RylehRyleh Posts: 41
    Position filled. Thanks for the interest
  • RylehRyleh Posts: 41
    I have 1 place available for a player to join our team. Candidate should be capable of handling themselves on map 5x5
  • IGN: -=nana poku=-
  • RylehRyleh Posts: 41
    Currently have 3 spots available to replace some retired players.

    Contact me on line ASAP if interested
  • RylehRyleh Posts: 41
    1 spot currently available. So far this week we have completed all 3 bgs each day. We are currently in the advanced tier but this is the first time that’s happened and was due to us losing a number of members last week (at one point down 5) and that caused us to just miss out on staying in expert. We will be back in expert when this AQ ends.

    Looking for someone to bring us to full strength. Must be able to handle map 5.

    Someone joining in the next 2 hours would be ideal as we could get you in the last 2 days of his AQ and we will start a war when full.

    Contact me on line if interested.
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