What about a performance benchmark mode?

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In this mode you test your skills between your alliance mates as some sort of friendly competition. No prizes are involved and it's optional and really quick to do.

Each day is a different event testing different skills. ie fighting stun immune, boss test, parry ability, evading specials (og spidey, etc..), intercept test, etc., and it rotates to different champs every week.

It's good practice/training area, highlights your strengths and weaknesses, and it's friendly competition. In the future it might also be a good "entry exam" into alliances (although this might have drawbacks).

I think this is a great idea but I'm not sure Kabam wants a practice area of boss fights that might reduce item use but I'd like to hear your thoughts about it.


  • Mmx1991Mmx1991 Posts: 674 ★★★★
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    Sounds fun but how can it be monetized to be worth dev time?
  • Mmx1991Mmx1991 Posts: 674 ★★★★
    CosmicZen wrote: »
    Sounds fun but how can it be monetized to be worth dev time?

    It adds fun and encourages skill progression. Like a training ground of some kind.

    Or instead of having it on just once a day maybe have it on all day so players will get to practice as much as they want and it will cost quest energy so it encourages some kind of unit use if players want the practice?
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    Maybe I haven't explained it very well but I'm guessing this is actually something that many players really want. Use a bit of quest energy and can practice tough bosses and quests.

    Or maybe introduce training coins that can be bought in the glory store or with units that go towards this? Or just add them to 22hr milestones to encourage more play/login time?

    It doesn't have to be complex at all.
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