Modoks Lab quests

Swing and a partial miss. Not a fan of the RNG system put in place for mix and matching random champs with random buffs. The rewards are okay but would really like a little less luck involved with beating your game content thanks. I mean who’s bright idea was it to do a random buff system with rerollable buffs but then limit the amount of rerolls to just punish a player who gets stuck in a bad situation and forced to abandon the quest cause no items to power through and can’t reroll anymore. Seriously this is the type of thing that should be pitched to the community first and feedback taken before actually releasing it.


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    Haven't had a problem yet and rolled through a lot of the quests.

    Always have 12+ re rolls remaining and I'm a new player.
  • You can purchase rerolls in the store for 2500 gold. Does that helps your skills?
  • I know about purchasing the the rerolls but it’s a daily allotment and I had already spent and tried rerolling to get through them but got hammered by RNG giving me the worst possible combo of buffs against a cable dude got power gain and wouldn’t use specials for backed into a corner and he got L3 against several of my guys by the time I cleared him I was burned of items and rolls to try to power through the point is too many buffs to try to avoid And was going to end up fighting a poison inflicting Mordo and had no immune left it was all a BS situation. AGAIN luck shouldn’t be a factor in winning fights or getting through something.
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    Yeah expert can definitely be difficult but not impossible. If you have immune champs those are usually the best cause it seems like there is always bleed or poison to deal with. Power control champs are helpful too. Keep working on it you will get there. 600 5 star shards a day is definitely worth the grind imo.
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    Random my ass. Buffet and machinism at the same time. Y tho
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    I loved the new modoks lab. It shows kabam is thinking outside the box.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,300 ★★★★
    BigBob wrote: »
    I loved the new modoks lab. It shows kabam is thinking outside the box.
    I’m not saying it’s bad. It is fun- as long as it’s actually random. I’m seeing things like caltrops and slashed tires and bane WAY to often
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    MODOK's lab is great. Have to bring a smart team in and hope for the best.

    IMO, people's biggest issue with it is that they aren't honest with themselves about their ability to clear it. If you get Iceman, Dormy, Spidy, Taskmaster, Ultron Prime and Hype and don't have the roster for it just back out. Using you're entire stash and all your units on the first champ is silly.

    NO. What is silly is a design decision to have random buffs and other stuff basically making luck the thing that determines success. How can someone expect to take advantage of these quests if RNG gives them the big middle finger. Also this month more than ever before there is such a thing as being spread too thin for ones roster. People talk about using the best champs for any scenario but sometimes those champs are needed in things like AQ/AW or something and you don't have them available. Stop being an apologist and realize the design is flawed.
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