My second six star is storm (classic), is she good?

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Alright, so I played this game in 2017 when storm sucked but I started recently again. I finished UC EQ and got a 6* storm from a 6* crystal. I played with her in ROL and it was pretty good, what do you all think? Is she good?
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    Looks good.
  • Illusion0410Illusion0410 Posts: 103
    Who's tierlist is that? Anyways, thanks guys.
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    Sman74 said:

    I have her at 6R4. Weave in a few heavies to keep her prowesses stacked up and then her SP2 hits like a truck. Big damage, not a huge amount of utility (skill champs can’t shrug your parry and she’s shock immune), good synergies, and simple to use. Can also spam SP1s for shock debuffs, but I prefer the SP2 nuke.

    Oh and if you want to feel dirty, try a power start 1 with a power return boost in war and drop a SP2. 😉

    Agree. Just throw in a heavy attack every once in a while to help her keep her prowess. Beyond that, just build it up to do some good damage.
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    Ok thanks everyone!
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    Looks good.

    Which tier list is this?
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